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  • Chapters


    The end of one chapter is the start of another. This week, a significant chapter at BM closed with the departure of a valued colleague. It’s always hard to lose a partner, especially someone you collaborate with so closely. We’ll look back on this period and appreciate the moments we shared. Each magazine we produced…

  • Plans of the diligent

    Plans of the diligent

    “The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; But of every one that is hasty only to want.” Proverbs‬ ‭21‬:‭5‬ ‭KJV‬‬ I’ve been diving deep into the world of digital marketing, particularly focusing on growing accounts and selling through social media. In this journey, I’ve crafted a straightforward business model aimed at building a…

  • Pausing Projects

    Pausing Projects

    I’m hitting the pause button on a few projects to focus on crafting my life funnel. This means I am no longer publishing weekly Beefcoin updates and I am no longer tracking the weekly Bitcoin Twitter drama on Orange Label. While those were “fun” projects, they are not adding to my life in a meaningful…

  • Life Funnel

    Life Funnel




    In business, a funnel takes a prospect from awareness to action. What if you applied this to your life? Meet the Life Funnel—a strategy to achieve your goals with the precision of a funnel (very precise). How It Works Why It Matters A Life Funnel keeps you focused, organized, and motivated. It turns lofty goals…

  • Summer Camp Simple Cipher

    Summer Camp Simple Cipher

    My big gal is entering her second week of Summer Camp which means I’m already missing her. At the last camp we made hand signals so she could relay messages to us via the camp photographer. It worked magically. But this camp we wanted to have a little more fun. We do have a chance…

  • Thumbs Up, Peace Sign, and Okay

    Thumbs Up, Peace Sign, and Okay

    Summer camp… is there anything more American? I never got the chance to go to summer camp, it just wasn’t a big thing where I grew up, but today this is a very big thing for my kids. We are coming off our first week of both kids being away at camp and the emotions…

  • Slaughter False Prophets

    Slaughter False Prophets




    I was at a crawfish boil over the weekend and had the great pleasure of speaking to a mutual friend’s father about the world around us. He is a blue-collar Southerner, and he reminds me of my own father in many ways. We began the oral tradition of sharing political beliefs, and I received a…

  • Barbed Wire Psyops

    Barbed Wire Psyops

    I can’t help but feel apathy. My entire life has been under a government that lies to gain more control, yet days like today spark some hope. But it’s all psychological torture. The state pushes its limits – let’s say, takes 10 steps forward. Then, when people push back, claiming it’s too much, the state…

  • Soulbound


    An unseen battle of cosmic proportions, the very essence of our being is at stake. The forces of darkness, led by the ruling elite, are seducing us with earthly riches, alluring us into relinquishing something far more precious than materialism—our soul. These dark agents work to oppress and enslave, hoping to weaken our spirits and…

  • Trebuchets





    I wept today. I stood in the gym staring face to face with myself in the mirror and wept. I saw flashes of my family tree. I felt the pain and sadness of death, of lost loved ones, of great distances traveled, of horrors, and I saw love and tenderness and all the joys of…

  • On imposter syndrome

    On imposter syndrome

    In consolidating writings from old blogs and came across this post from July 15, 2020. When I look back on the[my] world back then, much has changed but the pain body remains. It’s weird how the devil will sabotage you, misery loves company after all. This post was written because I was getting ready for…

  • Visions of a magazine

    Visions of a magazine

    In my recap and resolutions for this year I included a desire to build a magazine. As I mentioned, I did not launch in 2023, but I did identify what I would focus on if I was to ship a magazine. This post will serve as a place to keep thoughts and updates on this…

  • Reflections and Resolutions 23/24

    Reflections and Resolutions 23/24

    Another year of memories, accomplishment, setbacks, love, and sorrow. Regardless of how things look on paper, this year will always be remembered as a year of tremendous personal growth. I remember early in 2023 making some goals on Twitter, but my account was banned for posting a guillotine on an evil woman’s timeline so I…

  • Fellow Frogs

    Fellow Frogs

    This post was originally published on Citadel21 in Vol.21 Fellow Frogs, As we continue our march towards freedom and encounter “the next great thing”, a crisis looms — the Federal Reserve system is crumbling around us. It is imperative to remain steadfast in our ways and stay true to what we hold dear: truth. We…