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Barbed Wire Psyops



I can’t help but feel apathy. My entire life has been under a government that lies to gain more control, yet days like today spark some hope. But it’s all psychological torture. The state pushes its limits – let’s say, takes 10 steps forward. Then, when people push back, claiming it’s too much, the state takes 3 steps back. And so, the cycle repeats. In this model, we’re always losing ground. It’s a slow march to slavery.

Back to today’s daily psyop courtesy of the state… there’s an undeniable border crisis between Texas and Mexico. The feds want the border open; Texas wants it shut. Biden and the Supreme Court threaten Texas with lawsuits, and today Greg Abbott tells the feds to fuck off1. People are celebrating what they see as a massive moral victory, but I’m not buying it. This is just another state psyop to test the waters.

This is a diagram of our march to slavery.

We’ve seen the barbed wire fences going up, but it’s all showmanship. It means nothing until the immigration crisis is completely halted and illegals within the states are sent back. These are the rules. You can’t have a social welfare system, open borders, a war machine, reckless spending, bailouts, and eat your cake too.

If this turns into something meaningful, such as a more states rights, and or meaningful decrease in illegals streaming over the border, and or secession, and or something else more based, then I will be the first to say I was wrong. But that won’t happen. Things have got to get worse before they get better, and I am afraid there is a lot more worse in the tank.

Honestly, what percentage do you put this at being organic and not an op? I put it at less than 10% chance, but I hope I am wrong in a very big way. Until then, let us celebrate the barbed wire and let the Texan spirit and memes flow. Today was a good day.

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