Freedom technology maximalism. Running: Orange Label, Beefcoin, Hood Mining, Words, Guns.Team.
Publisher at Bitcoin Magazine.

I’m Joe.

Former enterprise technology and beer salesman, now a Bitcoin propagandist and Publisher of Bitcoin Magazine. I love shipping products and executing on plans. I wasn’t born a print guy, but I am here for this. My full-time job is fighting for freedom technology and bullying central bankers.

Great products in the Bitcoin space are more than just 1’s and 0’s; they are cultural landmarks. They embody the principles and ethos of their cypherpunks and the bright future ahead of us. These products should be low time preference, have beautiful aesthetics, and above all, authentic to the spirit of Bitcoin.

My strengths are in full lifecycle product developmentmarketing, operations, and relationships.

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My Projects

Orange Label

A merchant of freedom technology. Writing the handbook to meme warfare.

Words Bitcoin Journal

A curated journal of remarkable writings about Bitcoin from January 2018 through November 2020.


An intro portal into the world of 3d printing firearms. Includes presentations from Underground Citadel and links to get started.


A curation project tracking the dissident blogosphere.

Hood Mining

A bitcoin mining company and blog of my mining writing.