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Fellow Frogs

Fellow Frogs,

As we continue our march towards freedom and encounter “the next great thing”, a crisis looms — the Federal Reserve system is crumbling around us. It is imperative to remain steadfast in our ways and stay true to what we hold dear: truth.

We understand how bitcoin will change you in radical ways, and as the timechain continues to grow, so too will the number of people wishing to bend bitcoin to fit their worldview. We must remain strong. Remember our memes. The noobs will not know them. We will convert them to our belief system. Young tadpoles are swimming among us. Our memes must mutate and propagate. Never forget them. Repeat them. This is the way our traditions remain. Our small vocal minority matters more than ever and it is important to spread the good word. 

You know these words, like songs of freedom from our ancestors. Our father frogs fought for these words, and we must continue to fight for them. It is not enough to sit idly on the side waters as the war of words is waged, you must enter the trenches of meme warfare and fight with the pigs through the shit and mud. It will be dirty, but you are not alone. Just as the frogs marched on Egypt in exodus, we too shall march to every corner of the world defending truth.

Plebs together strong.

You can expect our enemies, those who lead with lies and deception, to go to great lengths to weaken our cause. We saw the great power our enemies possess through means of propaganda during the great plandemic. Society collapsed behind cheap masks and destructive syringes, and here we are today.

Our enemies will call us evil things, as they are inspired by what they see in the mirror before them. What they project on us is the very evil they see in themselves. You can anticipate the words and strategies the pigs will use against us. They will label us racists, terrorists, environmental threats, supporters of the enemy, pedos, the list goes on. They call us this because we defend the unwavering truth of mathematics. Stay strong, fellow frog. Have your meme arsenal ready for battle.

Plan accordingly.

Not everyone will listen, but you must continue spreading the good word. You are not alone. Go forth to all corners of the web and into the very streets and spread our good word, truth. We have allies. We have adjacent frog tribes who are very close to taking the orange pill. We must join them in their battles as well. We cannot expect them to simply join us, we must be willing to join them in theirs as well. As they see us join them, they will soon begin to march along with us.

You are not alone, fellow frogs.

Spread our memes. Defend truth. Strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. If you are weak in these areas, you are letting the pigs win. We don’t let pigs win. We will fight and we will win.

fellow frogs