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An unseen battle of cosmic proportions, the very essence of our being is at stake. The forces of darkness, led by the ruling elite, are seducing us with earthly riches, alluring us into relinquishing something far more precious than materialism—our soul. These dark agents work to oppress and enslave, hoping to weaken our spirits and achieve their ultimate goal: total domination over our innermost selves. Recently, their methods have evolved as the concept of tokenization—a scheme to commodify everything in our existence, extending even to our souls. “You will own nothing and be happy” should send chills down your spine. Amidst this darkness emerges a beacon of hope. The advent of cryptography and the principles of decentralization, epitomized by Bitcoin, offer us a powerful countermeasure to digital bondage, lighting a path to reclaim our freedom and defend our souls. The ultimate hope is to make sure your soul is soulbound1 to you, not something that can be taken from you.

In spiritual warfare, light and dark battle for the most precious item in the universe, your soul. The ruling elite carries out its dark mission through the means of physical and psychological warfare. As we enter deeper into the digital age, the methods of violence have evolved. Gone are the days of nation-state warfare at scale. The ruling elite use a more cunning method to enslave through constant information warfare. Through the spread of central banking during the 20th century, the ruling elite were able to get a hold on the purse of the earth. Then through the breakthrough and invention of the internet their power grew to a new scale unimaginable. Censorship and surveillance are their preferred methods of attack. To control your ability to communicate and transact is ultimate oppression. Tokenization takes this further than speech and transactions, it assigns all commodities, all objects in our world ownership. Most importantly tokenization will happen on the ruling elite’s ledger. They will issue the tokens, they will control the ledger. Judge and jury in the modern world. Tokenization will be a striking blow to the concept of freedom as we know it.

The soul is not just a metaphysical entity but it is the ultimate frontier of human identity and freedom, making it the ruling elite’s most coveted prize. The tokenization of the soul is the ultimate violation of the human spirit and will aim to codify, quantify, and control man. To the ruling elite, the human soul is the final citadel of human resistance and individuality; controlling it means extinguishing the last flicker of rebellion and dissent. To the ruling elite, the value of the soul lies not in its spiritual significance, but in its potential to be the ultimate tool of dominance—a means to extinguish free will and individual thought. The struggle against tokenization is not just a fight for personal liberty, but a battle for the soul of humanity itself.

The ruling elite have unlimited resources to wage spiritual warfare, but they gravely miscalculated the liberating power of decentralization and cryptography through computation. The ultimate tools for the individual in this spiritual warfare are those that empower and defend them from the violent ruling elite. These tools allow freemen to communicate, to transact, and afford privacy, and the tool that best sums these is Bitcoin. At face value Bitcoin might be seen as some speculative magic internet money, but it is much more powerful. Bitcoin is a decentralized shield that protects the individual from the time theft of inflation aka stealing your very life. It allows the ultimate form of communication that is to transact freely where no man or state can stop him. Bitcoin is divine in the power that it affords the individual. The ruling elite want to tokenize your soul, but your soul is soulbound to you, a free man. God and his legions of angels will defend us on the spiritual plane, and we will defend our souls in the digital realm with Bitcoin.

Free and open source systems, once fringe longshots, are beginning to turn the tide against the ruling elite’s reign. Through these systems, individuals find not just financial independence, but a means to safeguard their very essence. Bitcoin is more than a digital asset, it is a symbol of hope which will carve out a space free from the tyrannical evils of the ruling elite. The dark forces at play will not simply give up on the battle for the soul, they are on the brink of making great advances in this war, but we have the power of Bitcoin and divine protection of our Lord, Jesus Christ on our side. Bitcoin offers us a path towards a society where freedom is the norm, not the exception.

The question remains for you as an individual, as a freeman. What is your soul worth? Will you tokenize your soul in exchange for materialism and perceived convenience or will you defend your very essence? Is your soul soulbound or up for grabs?

  1. I understand Vitalik wrote a paper about Soulbound tokens in 2022. He is a spook and actively carrying out actions for the state. He is an enemy to freedom. Here’s his paper if you want to read about cucking your soul ↩︎