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Reflections and Resolutions 2324



Another year of memories, accomplishment, setbacks, love, and sorrow. Regardless of how things look on paper, this year will always be remembered as a year of tremendous personal growth. I remember early in 2023 making some goals on Twitter, but my account was banned for posting a guillotine on an evil woman’s timeline1 so I don’t have the list but it was something like this…

2023 Goals:

  • Get healthy and lose some weight
  • Make money mining
  • Make some money with side hustle
  • Get raise or promotion or better job
  • Learn how to make charts like the chart bois
  • Make a zine
  • Master brisket

I didn’t get everything but did make some strides, also there was some huge setbacks.

Get healthy and lose some weight

Coming into 2023 I had a whole year of personal training with Val under my belt. I began 2022 in January working out of her home gym. 2022 was a huge step going from 0 to 1. I saw big increases that year in things like wanting to get off the couch and energy to play with my kids. Coming into 2023 I had that whole year of training to build on, and I saw huge gains. Clancy and I followed Val to a Crossfit gym and began going to Metcon workouts 3x per week. On top of that I was sliding in 1-2 additional neighborhood gym days in. The biggest revelation in the health section was my discovery of fasting.

Clancy convinced me to download My Fitness Pal and start tracking my weight and food intake. For the first time in my life I actually saw how many calories I was consuming on a daily basis. Here’s a little bit of alpha for you, you consume way more calories than you think and you burn less than you think too. The app let’s you plug in weight loss goals and will tell you how many calories to consume in order to lose the weight. So I started following the app closely and tracking everything I ate. It worked. Pounds started falling off. Then we took it to the next level by layering in intermittent fasting. Clancy had way more knowledge on this topic so I followed her lead. I began only eating during a window each day, usually 11am-7pm. This compounded the calorie tracking and more weight was lost.

I wanted to try something a bit more serious so I decided to try a 40 hour fast. For someone who has never gone a day hungry in their entire life, this was an insane experience. The mental gymnastics and voices in my head were loud. By the evening on the second day I remember laying in bed, I could feel my legs tingling and my stomach was empty. I was tapping into something I have never felt before. It was surreal and makes me want to go longer.

Weight loss stats pulled from my fitness pal app.

Overall I would call this goal of losing weight and getting health a massive success. I lost a ton of weight, and finally got my first pullup. I am still working on my slav squat.

Make money mining

This is by far the most bitter topic in my life for 2023 to present. Mining has been the most prime example of how to not Stay Humble. Regardless, here’s what happened. I began the year at the tail end of my datacenter hosting contract. The contract came to a close at the end of February. This was great because I was obligated to pay for (70) S19j Pro power bills at $0.135/kWh. This contract was so reckless to enter and ruined me financially. After this contract I signed a deal with a criminal in Kentucky who stole a 1 BTC deposit from me and relocated all my hardware to Maine without notification. I got my miners back but I did not mine anything from March-September. This is ongoing and I hope to close this chapter early in 2024. In September I signed another deal with a couple good guys in Iowa. They are stand up guys that are more responsive than you could ever request and they operate very very good. The energy rates are competitive at around $0.075/kWh. All in all, I am in the hole and got a generous bailout from family. I am forever grateful for this.

To better understand the dynamics of what happened to get in this situation look below. You can see that hashprice saw highs and lows during the year and recently has seen improvement thanks to ordinals and overall blockspace demand. On the other hand, hashrate has doubled. This is facemelting and so painful. In years past, hashrate and hashprice are correlated but all your models are broken so deal with it (I am speaking to myself).

Make some money with side hustle

The goal to work for myself is what this is all about. If I can put the pieces together between mining + side hustle + other endeavors to provide for my family, that would be nirvana. About half way through the year, when things were looking pretty bleak with the mining situation, I fired up my old Azteco account and started a company called Orange Label to start taking orders for gift cards. It took off pretty quickly. In August I launched custom Glock magazines as my first physical product, which are very cool but have sold very poorly2. I think part of the sales slowing down is the fact my top of funnel for all this is from Twitter, and I had 10k followers before the account got suspended in September. Since then I have been grinding the personal account to almost 500 followers. It is painful to be deplatformed. That brings up another point that my payment processor on Orange Label cancelled my account too, so had to find a new one. Overall, I need to 10-20x my Orange Label business in order to have a meaningful change in day to day life and savings.

The Orange Label BTC Mag GL9

As a brand, Orange Label has found itself, it has a voice, and it has a target market, that is the dissidents. I developed a style guide for the brand and I have what most brands are looking for and that is content that is worth shipping. While the overall sales are not there, yet, I am hopeful the crfeation of more content and refining funnel will lead to more Azteco sales in 2024 as well as more unique products created.

Get raise or promotion or better job

This year was the toughest year we’ve experienced. Inflation + the wreckage from mining put us in a very tough postition. My job IRL went through workforce reduction during the bear market so it wasn’t ideal to find upwards opportunity in role or pay. I am thankful that I was able to secure a meaningful increase in pay early in the year, but I am still far behind where I would be in a corporate job. I will say that the year was so insane that I was actively searching for a better paying job. I refreshed the resume and did a ton of soul searching. I am the least hireable human in the workplace thanks to reverse discrimination so no new opportunities came to me. I prayed for the right opportunity to come to me and the lord provided as he always does.

Learn how to make charts like the chart bois

I tried my hand at python this year and just didn’t stick with it. I still want to have this skillset in my back pocket, but there is not enough time in the day to master charts + the adobe suite + web dev + life in general. So I failed at this but funny enough I inherited Bitcoin Magazine Pro as a product owner. This is our financial markets newsletter, and I am now owning it and it is literally a chart boi product. The Lord giveth.

Make a zine

I failed at this one, but there are some notable advancements on this goal. For one, I have an idea for the zine. Make a zine is pretty broad but I narrowed down a topic. Here’s what I came up with in a tweet on Orange Label →

“In a perfect world, I’d start a zine for the retards. Yes, I know there’s already print and digital pubs for each of these groups … All I’m saying is that this content is complimentary.

Content would be something like this:

  • Dissident piece on culture war
  • Dissident piece on philosophy/history •
  • Dissident piece on current event •
  • Guncad piece technical piece in assembling a design
  • Guncad piece on what’s in development pipeline
  • Guncad piece spread photos of printed designs
  • Bitcoin piece on technical development
  • Bitcoin piece on-chain analytics
  • Bitcoin piece on economics
  • Sprinkle in Pepe’s, twitter threads, interviews, other how to guides
  • These three communities have a retardation overlap and are natural allies.

These three communities have a retardation overlap and are natural allies.

I also purchased a book binding kit and read several books on the physical art of book and magazine making. I think I am on the right path and this will come together if it is meant to be. I do think an Orange Label magazine about dissident interests could be very interesting. You could say that the launch of Beefcoin was a meaningful advancement in this goal because it is specifically aligned with the target topics of the outlined zine. The groundwork is laid for this one.

Master brisket

Still no meaningful progress here. I have been trying this for a decade. Big fail.

Notable 2023

2023 was tough, it was painful. We lost our dear Charlee Girl, we had several family weddings, we took a masterful RV trip, we got healthy, we got a Guitar, we won a Cheerleading competition, we have each other, we found God. This was an incredible year.

Worth Reading

2023 was a great year of reading. Here’s what I read and recommend:

  • The Bitcoin Dollar
  • Brabaric Vitalism
  • Meditations
  • Empire of the Summer Moon
  • Dissident Review Vol 1 & 2
  • Selective Breeding and the Birth of Philosophy
  • The Bible:
    • Matthew
    • Mark
    • Luke
    • John
    • Romans
    • Isaiah
    • Ephesians
    • Jude
    • Revelations

2024 Goals & Resolutions

Now for the fun part of the year. Will I cringe at this list in 2025? What are the known things that are going to happen and what are the unknown? Let’s just make a big list and let it rip.

  • Read/listen to the whole Bible
  • Join men’s and couples bible study group
  • Invest in Clancy through supporting her art business
  • Help Clancy sell $50,000 in art in 2024
  • Make so much money mining I can payback debts AND save some for my future
  • Generate $500,000 in revenue through Orange Label
  • Buy a house
  • Take Clancy on a tropical vacation
  • Buy a new truck for Clancy
  • Buy my dream truck
  • Get a meaningful raise at work
  • More declutter in our life
  • Opt out of the system
  • Create trust for family and operate out of it
  • Launch a webapp that makes money – something like
  • Launch a zine
  • Obey pod reboot
  • Build something with Clancy and the boys
  • Bench press 225
  • Overhead press 135 (10) reps
  • Squat 245
  • (1) Muscle up
  • Slav Squat
  • Savage understanding of law
  • Get published in adjacent dissident publication
  • Speaking slot at a conference
  • Launch The Great Debate physical record
  • Quit biting nails
  • Make my own physical art – halftone maximalism
  • Run a race
  • Train a crossfit class with Clancy
  • Volunteer at something local
  • Up my prayer game – feel very confident in prayer so that I can lead family and groups in prayer before meals or events.

Ok so that’s it for now. If I edit this I will make note at the header and will track and add to the list as we go. When I get the vision board made, I will upload it in this post.


  1. I posted a guillotine in response to this tweet and twitter nuked me. “Free, updated COVID vaccines are available for everyone 6 months and up!” ↩︎
  2. This was painful to see. I reached out to many people I knew in telegram channels asking if they would be a buyer and I got many yes responses. What I learned from this is that bitcoiners are not a niche to target if you want to get rich UNLESS you are selling bitcoin. Bitcoiners are cheap, you are better off targeting RAW. ↩︎