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Life Funnel




In business, a funnel takes a prospect from awareness to action. What if you applied this to your life? Meet the Life Funnel—a strategy to achieve your goals with the precision of a funnel (very precise).

How It Works

  1. Identify Goals: Like targeting a market, pinpoint what you want—be it a new skill, better health, or career success.
  2. Gather Resources: Find the tools, mentors, and knowledge you need. Equip yourself.
  3. Evaluate Options: Weigh your strategies. Choose the most effective path.
  4. Make a Plan: Map out specific, actionable steps. Set milestones.
  5. Take Action: Commit. Show up every day. Do the work.
  6. Review Progress: Regularly assess. Celebrate wins, learn from losses, tweak your approach.

Why It Matters

A Life Funnel keeps you focused, organized, and motivated. It turns lofty goals into actionable plans, making success not just possible, but inevitable. Use it, and start funneling your way to a better life.