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  • Laser Eyed Larps

    Laser Eyed Larps




    Last week, the US Senate voted to overturn an SEC Accounting Bulletin1 that prohibited banks from custodying digital assets. This decision directly opposes the platform of Senator Warren2 and President Biden3, who are staunchly against cryptocurrencies. This bipartisan victory4 in the Senate is intriguing because it demonstrates that crypto is an issue that transcends party…

  • Barbed Wire Psyops

    Barbed Wire Psyops

    I can’t help but feel apathy. My entire life has been under a government that lies to gain more control, yet days like today spark some hope. But it’s all psychological torture. The state pushes its limits – let’s say, takes 10 steps forward. Then, when people push back, claiming it’s too much, the state…

  • Trump, Tucker, and Bitcoin: A Winning Ticket for America

    Trump, Tucker, and Bitcoin: A Winning Ticket for America

    Trump and Tucker might not explicitly support Bitcoin, but their political views align very much with that of many Bitcoiners. If you want to trigger the establishment right and left in American politics, mention these two names together and see what happens: Donald Trump & Tucker Carlson. Now run the mental model of a Trump-Tucker…