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  • The President Has No Clothes

    The President Has No Clothes

    The President Has No Clothes Tonight, we witnessed a brutal humiliation of the American people. The President entered a highly moderated debate and left us all wondering what the hell is happening. Simple questions went unanswered, no substance was discussed—it was embarrassing. We are in the late stage of empire collapse, and it doesn’t feel…

  • All Your Data Are Belong To Us

    All Your Data Are Belong To Us




    In the digital age, privacy is what’s at stake, and it’s at risk with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s be real—your data isn’t private. It’s being watched, collected, and sold to the highest bidder. And guess what? AI is only going to speed up this privacy downfall. AI feeds on data. Every click,…

  • The Memetic Magic of “Choose Rich”

    The Memetic Magic of “Choose Rich”

    “Choose Rich” he said. Of course, what is the alternative, choose poor. There is no alternative, this is memetic gold. Now peel back the layers and understand the context of the shitcoiner saying this, it’s cringe coming out of his mouth but you can’t argue with the meme. This spring we are blessed with memetic…

  • Yin Yang

    Yin Yang

    In a Yin Yang symbol made of a Wojak meme and a Pepe meme, we find the ancient concept of dualism, embodying the balance of internet culture. Wojak represents a somber, introspective, and nuanced human emotions, aligning with the Yin aspects of shadow, depth, and femininity. It symbolizes the inner world, empathy, and the quieter,…

  • If You’re Reading This Then You’re On A List, Friend.

    If You’re Reading This Then You’re On A List, Friend.




    Another day another list. Are you keeping track, friend? How can you keep track. You are the SKU. You’re on many lists. They track you. They log you. They watch your clicks. They watch your keystrokes. Your thoughts are being estimated before you think them. There are complex models running the numbers on what you…

  • Dignification


    There are no rules in trench warfare and meme warfare. Yet, in the quest for victory within the sprawling culture war, we are witnessing something remarkable in the most unlikely of places: 4chan. This breeding ground for memes is once again melting hearts and minds, but this time it doesn’t involve green frogs or cryptic…

  • The Only Way Is Through

    The Only Way Is Through

    When MSM and politicians are all singing the same tune, you should at least consider that it’s an op. What we’re seeing this week at the Texas border looks and feels like an op. A unintended consequence of this border crisis op is that after this week, people will understand that it’s the Texas border…

  • The Great Adjustment

    The Great Adjustment

    Just a week past the Davos circus, where the so-called world’s elite congregate to sketch out their latest schemes, we’re staring down the barrel of another year of their communist firing squad. This year, the buzzwords flying around were censorship, misinformation (especially important given the U.S. election year), and tokenization. Forget their past communistic mantras…

  • The Agony

    The Agony

    Have you considered the fact that you will not receive a warriors death? The warrior is dead. The warrior class is no longer an option in the game of life. The state has attempted to remove all that is worth fighting for by replacing God with the state. The subtle switch from hard money to…

  • The Pendulum

    The Pendulum

    pendulum. [noun] /’pɛndʒələm/ an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity History is a funny thing that tends to rhyme. Over time, the torch of power is passed from one cartel to the next, each with a new set of values championed by the new guard.…

  • The Sabotage of Bitcoin

    The Sabotage of Bitcoin

    This article was cross posted on Bitcoin Magazine. “Government agents are not active in Bitcoin developer and influencer circles.” – Government Agents, probably. As the war for global monetary supremacy wages on, you have to assume that the state is actively operating information warfare. This means that the state is operating and acting in order…

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Can you think of someone more hated in America than Mark Zuckerberg? That’s rhetorical, of course you can, but he is one of the bad guys. We have confirmed pedos running the country but Zuckerberg is bad news. He single-handedly created the ultimate boomer psyop machine in Facebook, sold his soul to the deep state,…

  • Unpacking “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”

    Unpacking “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”




    Unpacking the legendary presentation from Michael “Bitstein” Goldstein, “The Art Of Bitcoin Rhetoric, How To Meme Bitcoin To The Moon”. The day this dropped, Brian Bishop transcribed the content, people lost their fucking minds. The maxis were marching in the streets with tiki torches and the shitcoiners were in disbelief. There are some great lessons…

  • Notes from Meme Warfare

    Notes from Meme Warfare

    How to Overthrow the Powers that be On a Low Budget Great read on meme warfare. Foundational. This articles describes memes, memeplex, how memes spread, how the memeplex gets and holds power, memeplex vulnerability, and how to subvert current memeplex. Let me first level set what you’ll get out of this. You WILL walk away…

  • Notes on Memetics – A Growth Industry in US Military Operations

    Notes on Memetics – A Growth Industry in US Military Operations

    Bullet points from this Marine Corps paper on memetics. This is from 2005, seems like some of these ideas have been incorporated into the latest FM. Thesis: Tomorrow’s US military must approach warfighting with an alternate mindset that is prepared to leverage all elements of national power to influence the ideological spheres of future enemies…

  • The War of Position

    The War of Position

    Chris Rufo gets the biggest win of 2024 with the ousting of fraudulent academic and racist Harvard’s President, Claudine Gay. What can we learn from what happened here? This is not a think boi piece on the culture war, but rather on tactics. How did this W happen and can it be replicated? In early…

  • On American Supremacy

    On American Supremacy

    It’s time to quit being ashamed of who you are. It’s time to be unapologetic. The blood coursing through your veins comes from men who conquered a continent and built a citadel of freedom in a world of tyranny. So why are we Americans ashamed of who we are? The past 50 years have been…

  • Affix The Stamp

    Affix The Stamp

    What are your responsibilities towards the state? To what extent does your loyalty lie with the state, and where do you draw the line? Our grandfathers initiated a revolution in response to the Stamp Act of 1765, the Townshend Acts of 1767, and the Tea Act of 1773, primarily objecting to taxation without representation. Specifically,…

  • Let Me Explain This To You

    Let Me Explain This To You

    One does not simply explain something by force.

  • Because Physical Wounds Heal

    Because Physical Wounds Heal

    We simple plebs can’t begin to fathom the scale and budgets that go into state operated psychological operations. When you have a monopoly on violence and money creation, your incentives are to keep and increase power. State actors simply extract value for themselves along the way, at a cost to the freemen. Now if you…

  • So You Call Yourself A Bitcoin Maximalist

    So You Call Yourself A Bitcoin Maximalist




    So you call yourself a Bitcoin Maximalist? What kind of Bitcoin Maximalist are you? Are you a Monetary Maximalist or a Blockspace Demand Maximalist? Choose wisely Purity Tests are helpful, especially if you are the one conducting them. Other times, they might feel harmful or even cringe. At this very moment we are seeing purity…

  • Spooky Bois

    Spooky Bois




    Quick, look around you. You’re surrounded by ghosts. I don’t mean paranormal apparitions, I mean spooky bois, aka federal agents. The fact you’re reading this post means a spooky boi (AI) has logged you and your IP address in a database in a dark datacenter in Langley. Your every move is being watched. All of…

  • Division





    The world we knew in the 90’s and 00’s are long gone. We remember a much different world than we’re living in today. Sure, there was division amongst us back then, but nothing like you see today. A left of the bell curve pattern-recognizer can see that there is something systematic happening to agitate and…

  • Unapologetic





    There comes a time when things finally click. This is when you stop caring about what everyone thinks and you start caring for yourself. Some people call this selfishness, and that’s o.k. because those people have pronouns in their bio and don’t care about themselves, they only care for others. That’s the problem, trying to…

  • An Appeal To Heaven

    An Appeal To Heaven




    There’s a force in America that wishes to destroy all that is good, all that is holy, all that Western Civilization (Christians) has built. It is a sly, evil, thing that infiltrates and destroys from within. This force has full control over the US Government and it’s agencies, the American universities, the military complex, and…