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On imposter syndrome



In consolidating writings from old blogs and came across this post from July 15, 2020. When I look back on the[my] world back then, much has changed but the pain body1 remains. It’s weird how the devil will sabotage you, misery loves company after all.

This post was written because I was getting ready for a presentation at Bit Block Boom. I was going to present on 3d printing guns to a bunch of bitcoiners. This was going to be my first time attending a conference and also speaking on this subject. At the time I had not yet completed a 3d printed build and I certainly had no business speaking on Bitcoin but yolo.

So I got over it and delivered a banger speech.

So back to imposter syndrome. It’s not natural to feel this, nervous and butterflies sure, but imposter syndrome is darkness and goes to show you there are forces working against you and for you. It makes you question your own intelligence, experience, authority, and it is emasculating.

So how do you get over it? Prepare, pray, and execute. You were born for this. Civilization wasn’t built by imposters. It was built by builders.

If you find yourself questioning yourself, ask yourself where that voice and doubt is coming from. Your answer won’t be “from the light”. Then ask for peace, evaluate the task at hand, practice, and execute. Worst case scenario is no one laughs at your shit jokes.

Original Post from July 2020

I struggle with it. My pain body is no joke. You know more than you give yourself credit for. Sure, there is someone out there more knowledgeable about certain topics, but no one knows everything you know. This is a feature, not a bug.


  1. Pain Body “Our emotional pain body is stored in the cells of the body. Old memories and negative emotions can become fuel for our pain body, if they are not faced at the moment. Learn about this ”parasite” that causes you suffering and emotional pain. ↩︎
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