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Thumbs Up, Peace Sign, and Okay

Summer camp… is there anything more American? I never got the chance to go to summer camp, it just wasn’t a big thing where I grew up, but today this is a very big thing for my kids. We are coming off our first week of both kids being away at camp and the emotions are mixed. Sure it was great to get a little peace and quiet, but we miss them in a big way. I can’t wait to hear the stories and memories.

This is especially remarkable because it is my little gals first time to go to camp or really be separated from Mom or and family for an extended period of time. She really is a mommas girl so this was a big girl experience. My big one is a veteran of camps and will soon ship off for another week to a camp somewhere far away.

The camp we sent them to is like Salute Your Shorts meets glamping. We are talking ice cream every day, fancy gift shop, boujie activites, you name it. Which is great, just makes you a bit jealous of the kids! There is no comms with the kids except a chance to email them at night and they get to read them the next morning. My wife DOES NOT MISS this opportunity. The kids have no way of communicating with us, so it is one way. Camp also sends daily photos of the kids doing activities, using facial recognition (deep state) and also you can load them an account balance so they can shop in the cafe/gift store.

We knew there would be no comms and we also knew they would want to shop in the gift store. We made some hand signals to use in photos so the kids could tell us how things are going.

  • Thumbs Up – this means you are having a bad time, but we didn’t want to make it thumbs down because that would make sad photos.
  • Peace Sign – this means you are having a good time
  • Okay Sign – this means send more money

So now you are wondering what signs the kids have been throwing… let’s just say we have gotten 1/3 peace signs and 2/3 okay signs. The kids are having a blast and they are treating themselves to daily milkshakes and cotton candy in the gift shop. We are going to have a lesson in moderation and sugar detox when they get back from camp.

We pick them up tomorrow and I can’t wait to see them. I think the hand signs were a big success.