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Unhinged or On Point?


Trump email are insane. In this short article we look at a sample of his last 50 emails and analyze the design of the last 10.

  • Email frequency analysis
  • Email Design
  • Copy analysis
  • Button
  • Fonts

Is Trump’s email strategy unhinged or on point? Consistency in email communication reveals its true power. I would love to know the ROI per email. Whoever is running these emails has NO consistent style except schizo post boomer maxxing. It is wild.

Here’s a snapshot of Trump’s email game:

  • Senders:
    • ~ 25 (random CTA)
    • – ~375 emails (daily newsletter plus random CTA)
    • – ~5 emails – this is for order confirmations (we might have bought a hat)
  • Period: 53 Days
  • Average Emails: 7.47 per day
  • Maximum Emails: 10 in one day
  • Minimum Emails: 7 in one day
  • Total Emails: 351 over the observed period

Day in, day out, emails hit inboxes. This steady rhythm builds trust and reliability. It’s not about grand gestures but about showing up consistently. Every email, every day, without fail, lays the foundation for success.

Stay consistent. Every action counts.

Two Days of Trump Emails

I shared out a figma board of this which I know will not stand the test of time but for now you can view there.

Email Design

As I mentioned, the Trump emails feel incredibly weird. They are not pretty. They have consistent non-consistence. Ecom blended with “news” all Boomer maxxing language.

Copy Analysis

Reviewing the copy in the emails, you see consistent themes. I sampled the 10 latest emails and here is what I came up with.

  1. Urgency and Deadlines:
    • The emails frequently emphasize urgency with phrases like “before my end-of-quarter deadline,” “before midnight tonight,” and “I won’t be able to sleep until you respond.” CLASSIC CTA to get action from the reader.
  2. Personalization and Direct Appeals:
    • The emails are heavily personalized, often using direct address terms like “Friend” and “YOU.” You are Trump’s friend.
    • Trump refers to himself in a very personal manner, using “I” and “me” often.
    • This makes you feel like he is speaking to you. As a reader you feel a connection to Trump. Like he sat down and wrote these emails.
  3. Repetition of Key Phrases and Themes:
    • Common themes include “support,” “stand with Trump,” “endorse,” and “win.” That which gets repeated gets remembered.
    • Repeated mentions of “Joe Biden” and phrases like “RIGGED prosecution/trial” show the enemy.
  4. Emotional Appeals:
    • The emails frequently use emotional appeals, invoking feelings of patriotism, loyalty, and urgency. Phrases like “I LOVE YOU LIKE FAMILY!” and “YOU have stood by my side” are designed to create an emotional bond with the reader.
  5. Calls to Action (CTAs):
    • Each email includes multiple CTAs, such as “ENDORSE TRUMP,” “RESPOND TO TRUMP,” “STAND WITH TRUMP,” and “TAKE THE POLL.”
    • The CTAs are often accompanied by a sense of exclusivity or limited-time offer.
  6. Use of Capitalization and Highlighting:
    • Important points, deadlines, and actions are often capitalized or highlighted to draw attention. This visual emphasis ensures that the key messages stand out even if the reader is skimming the email.
  7. Victory and Success Themes:
    • Successes and victories are highlighted, such as debate wins and legal victories (“Supreme Court gives TOTAL IMMUNITY”). This is morale boosting language.


This is not EVERY button from the past two days, but almost. I did not include duplicates from single emails.


These are samples pulled from emails, you can see the use of underline, all caps , italic, underline, highlight, multiple colors, sans and serif fonts, all options are on the table.