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The President Has No Clothes

The President Has No Clothes

Tonight, we witnessed a brutal humiliation of the American people. The President entered a highly moderated debate and left us all wondering what the hell is happening. Simple questions went unanswered, no substance was discussed—it was embarrassing. We are in the late stage of empire collapse, and it doesn’t feel good.

But what are we to do at this point? What does your vote actually accomplish? What we learned tonight is that Biden is 100% not there at all (we noticers have known this, but normies woke up tonight). His mental state is in serious decline. This leaves us with the question: who is running the country? If Biden cannot answer a simple question during a debate, then who is running the country? What the hell is happening?

Before the “debate”—I mean, public humiliation ritual tonight—I was certain that we would see a Biden clone come out. Now I’m questioning my clone theory because they brought out Dementia Joe. Nothing they do is unplanned. This assassination of Biden was planned. The outcome was scripted. We will see a new fake leader installed. The President has no clothes.

Here’s my theory on what’s next:

  • Biden is taken out before the election for medical reasons.
  • Kamala becomes president, checking the box for the first woman president, which will please the base.
  • I am not sure how she will spin not wanting to run for president once she’s held the power and allows Newsom to run.
  • That’s sorted out.
  • Newsom runs.
  • Newsom wins.
  • Game over.

The Overton Window is shifting in real time. If the machines are running the show, what is the end goal? Will the group of normies who are noticing things increase in size and how would that benefit the machines?

Many such cases. Many are saying the quiet part out loud: who is running the country? My favorite of the night is this bit from Naval:

“So, who’s been in charge all along?”
“And my question about who’s been in charge all along, it’s been semi-obvious that it hasn’t been Joe.
So I think it’s just a good moment to reflect upon how the bureaucracy in this country, and frankly in the entire West, is highly entrenched and is on autopilot.
Imagine if you were an investor in a company or a board member and you walk into your board meeting and you realize the CEO hasn’t shown up to work for two years, and really just the VPs have been running amok and doing whatever they wanted.
You’d know at that point that anything run by committee is incredibly inefficient and wasteful and almost kleptocratic.
So you would expect the company to have essentially been looted the entire time.”

This is why he gets paid the big bucks—he clearly communicated his thoughts, unlike my ramblings (working on it). Naval makes several great points, but the last sentence is the cherry on top. Our country is actively being looted by those at the top of the pyramid, leaving the masses to gaslighting and humiliation rituals. So yeah, the president has no clothes.