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The Pendulum

pendulum. [noun] /’pɛndʒələm/

an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity

History is a funny thing that tends to rhyme. Over time, the torch of power is passed from one cartel to the next, each with a new set of values championed by the new guard. We are witnessing the passing of the torch, here in America, as the new guard of the new right is assuming power. The New Guard are champions of new media, and a dissenting voice to the powerful forces in control on the left. But this begs the question, how are these new champions of dissent any different than those they hope to replace?

At surface level it is easy to understand why the new guard is so appealing and rapidly gaining power. The competition is dying with the boomers. The left is a loser aesthetic. The left are the people we used to bully, not they somehow rose to power via the power of guilt. The new guard is a synthesis of the market [society] reaction to how retarded the ruling elite have become. The new guard is supposed to be the pendulum swinging back.

Collage by @FringeViews

The history of the world is a history of warring factions. Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion everything boils down to the battle of bloodlines. You might not like it but it is the truth. Now as this pendulum swings back in response to what society has become, what will be left in the wake? What will happen in the culture war?

Will there be camps? Will there be busses? Will there be reeducation? Will there be blood? I hope not, I hust want my blood [Americans] to not be systematically replaced [exterminated] by illegal migration. My fathers did not conquer the frontier for this to happen, and here we are neutered by the state, in the upside down where nothing makes sense.

The biggest question to me is if this new guard is already bought off by the rulers, are they merely puppets?

We will know this answer with one simple observation, that is will these champions side with Bitcoin or will they stay silent on money.

It is that simple.

The pendulum is swinging, but is this all just a rhyme being pulled off by the real gatekeepers?