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The Only Way Is Through

When MSM and politicians are all singing the same tune, you should at least consider that it’s an op. What we’re seeing this week at the Texas border looks and feels like an op. A unintended consequence of this border crisis op is that after this week, people will understand that it’s the Texas border with Mexico, not the US border with Mexico.

This is a small but remarkable win for the great meme war.

So, what’s going to happen? This is where memes crash into the real world. What can and should regular Texans do? Should they volunteer to protect the border, and what does protecting mean in a totally messed up judicial system in 2024? We’ve seen how the state has treated people from J6 and all the crazy sentence cuts and dropped cases for others… why would you think the courts will side with a volunteer defending the border from illegals? They won’t.

I don’t have the answers to this, I wish I did. It feels sketchy. We just want our culture to grow and do well, and the federal state wants to stop that. They show this more by what they do than what they say.

How will we get through this? Right now, it’s still about basics for each person. Mind, body, spirit. Take care of your home the best you can, and be ready if you have to defend your house. I’m afraid we just have to wait and see how this op turns out.

The deck is stacked against us, but there are always a couple of wild cards in there.