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The Memetic Magic of “Choose Rich”

“Choose Rich” he said. Of course, what is the alternative, choose poor. There is no alternative, this is memetic gold. Now peel back the layers and understand the context of the shitcoiner saying this, it’s cringe coming out of his mouth but you can’t argue with the meme. This spring we are blessed with memetic magic thanks to these two simple words, “Choose Rich”, which embodies everything that makes a great meme. It’s memorable, it is short, it is positive. These are memetic super powers. While memes come and go, this one has had a very short shelf life on twitter, but for a day, it won the internet but the big question is will this meme propagate or die?

Brevity is part of what makes Choose Rich so strong. I don’t have hard research on how short memes are more effective than long memes, but the idea is pretty easy to understand. Simplicity is easier to communicate than complexity. Short meme easier than long meme. We’ve written about the power of trigrams, that is three word memes, but this is even better, it’s a bigram. 2 > 3 don’t you see!

“The greatest ideas are the simplest” – William Golding

This immediacy is crucial for memes to propagate in the trenches of Twitter. The meme’s ability to convey a in just two words allows it to cut through the noise and resonate quickly with a broad audience.

Memes are also subject to mutation, that is when the meme’s meaning is changed from the original meaning through the course of propagation. Since Choose Rich is only two words, it’s resistant to mutation, especially in written form. I have seen this meme flipped, however. Since the meme creator is a shitcoiner, I have seen images of him with the meme mutated in many ways, but this is more of a joke on this fellows looks and the presumption that he is NOT actually rich. But that’s all besides the point. The point is that this meme is two words, and it’s memorable and hard to fuck up. It is a banger, even if the creator is a shitcoiner.

In my time on Twitter working for a Bitcoin media company, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing countless posts slap and fail. And one key thing that we’ve noticed is that bitcoiners engage with positive sentiment more than negative sentiment. Bitcoiners get a high off bullish memes. Remember the words of Bitstein, “Everything is bullish for Bitcoin” or something like that.

So looking at this meme, it is pure positive energy. The word “Choose” is powerful, free men have a choice. This is good. “Rich” means power. You have power. This also is good. So “Choose Rich” combines these two positive powerful words in a super meme. “Choose Rich” has Make America Great Again energy, but shorter and possible better.

“Choose Rich has Make America Great Again energy, but shorter and possible better.”

If I had to think of duality of the Yin Yang, the opposite of “Choose Rich” would be the legendary meme Have Fun Staying Poor. Whereas the latter can be seen as dismissive, suggesting an acceptance of one’s financial situation, “Choose Rich” offers an optimistic alternative. It encourages taking control of your financial destiny rather than accepting your fate. Anecdote… I once told a kid I went to high school to Have Fun Staying Poor on Facebook because he posted some shitcoin stuff and he made it into a race thing. He is still having fun staying poor the last time I checked. Look, I love Have Fun Staying Poor, it is actually fun to reply to people with that. But “Choose Rich” might actually be more effective. We will have to see what engagement over the long term looks like on twitter.

As we continue to learn and use weapons more effectively in the neverending warfare for monetary supremacy, we need more memes. Morale will not improve until the memes improve. We needed “Choose Rich”. It slapped at the right place at the right time. And while the originator is extremely cringe, I think the meme has propagated beyond him as all good memes do. So the question for you is will you “Choose Rich”?