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The Great Adjustment

Just a week past the Davos circus, where the so-called world’s elite congregate to sketch out their latest schemes, we’re staring down the barrel of another year of their communist firing squad. This year, the buzzwords flying around were censorship, misinformation (especially important given the U.S. election year), and tokenization1. Forget their past communistic mantras like “you’ll own nothing and be happy”; this year, it’s all about tokenizing everything2. And amidst this, the newly elected Argentine President Javier Milei3 – a known socialist skull crusher – gets the stage. Odd, you think?

Tokenization, the new golden child of the WEF, is slithering into every conversation. It’s not just about digital currency; it’s about reshaping ownership and control. And who pops up in the midst of all this? Javier Milei, the very antithesis of socialism, speaking at a forum that reeks of socialist ideals. But here’s the kicker: Milei’s not contradicting their agenda; he’s their poster boy for the dollarization of Argentina – a pet project for the Federal Reserve bankers and their cronies. Him speaking at Davos wasn’t a nod to capitalism; it was a sly wink at the future of economic control, potentially through a stablecoin, not your old-school USD.

Let’s call a spade a spade – the WEF’s agenda has always been about centralizing power, dressing it up in pretty words and grandiose ideas. But Milei’s presence there throws a spanner in the works. It’s not about embracing capitalism; In my opinion it’s about co-opting and controlling any form of economic movement. They’re playing chess, and we’re the pawns.

Then there’s the whole censorship and misinformation spiel. According to the communists, misinformation and disinformation are biggest short-term risks to global stability.4 Read that again. With the Twitter Files blowing the lid off government meddling in public discourse last year, the Davos elites’ lamenting about misinformation is pathetic and laughable. It’s not about protecting the public; it’s about controlling the narrative, keeping the plebs in line while they pull the strings.

Global Risks Report 2024 – WEF

We’re not just witnessing changes; we’re living through a seismic shift – the Great Adjustment. It’s like the world’s waking up from a long slumber, and the Overton window is being smashed to bits. The elites might have a monopoly on violence and speech, but the tide is turning. The meme wars, the street protests, the battles on digital fronts – it’s all part of our pushback, a world where frogs are trying to regain power or sanity.

The Davos meetup isn’t just a fancy get-together; it’s a glimpse into the playbook of the world’s puppet masters and also how the local prostitution market clears by adjusting to an influx of demand from the visiting commies5. They share the plot, and a year or so later, their plans start creeping into our lives. But here’s the thing – the game’s changing. The Great Adjustment is upon us, and it’s our job to make sure the pendulum swings back to a place where the many, not the few, hold the power. Meme harder.

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