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The Agony

Have you considered the fact that you will not receive a warriors death? The warrior is dead. The warrior class is no longer an option in the game of life. The state has attempted to remove all that is worth fighting for by replacing God with the state. The subtle switch from hard money to soft money has changed our behavior, from empire building to materialism. There is no longer a preference for thinking about the future. There is no preservation. When your money is dying your preference is to act in the now, live in the now, and think of only yourself. The new norm is self hatred and death to America. The state is satan incarnate. State actors are carrying out the dark arts.

This is the agony of the American man.

But our blood memory will not forget what our fathers fought for and created. Our fathers conquered the Continent. Our fathers tamed the wild and built civilization. Our blood does not forget. Your only hope now is to honor your blood by being prepared to pick up the mantle for battle. This means to strengthen you mind, body, spirit, family, and community. You cannot only care for your unit, you must engage your neighbor and raise the flag with your fellow American men. We are under attack, and we must defend what our blood fought for.

Do not give the agony a single inch.