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  • A Growth Dilemma

    A Growth Dilemma

    Larry Fink’s recent comments on the economic outlook and public-private partnerships (PPPs) are him broadcasting his intentions and strategy to consolidate corporate control under the guise of fostering development. Centralization of Financial Power Fink states that capital markets have overtaken traditional banks as the primary source of financing. This shift implies a greater concentration of…

  • King-Making Via Stablecoins

    King-Making Via Stablecoins

    Are stablecoins how the US Empire survives another 100 years? Likely. In Fifth Epoch Prophecies, I predicted that a country would adopt a USD-denominated stablecoin as legal tender and that the market cap of stablecoins would exceed $3.75 trillion. While stablecoins have emerged as a major winner in the sea of loser crypto use cases,…

  • The Horses In The Stables

    The Horses In The Stables

    After 3 years at Bitcoin Magazine I still struggle in articulating how dollars are created and “Why is it so difficult to understand?”. It is designed complex precisely so you won’t be able to understand it. It is a boring topic, something you couldn’t possible be interested in, and so complex that only economists can…