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  • Hashcost Table

    Hashcost Table

    Here’s the thing about Bitcoin mining: it’s a game of margins. The Hashcost Table is a secret weapon in navigating profitability. By breaking down the daily cost of Bitcoin mining into two critical factors—electricity prices and ASIC efficiency—you can pinpoint your exact costs with precision. If you are not running these numbers BEFORE you buy…

  • Expanding Hashpro(phet)

    Expanding Hashpro(phet)

    Over the weekend, I expanded my research on Hashpro(phet). While the line charts are informative, I wanted a comprehensive view of hashprofit in a large table format to identify potential risks in hashrate and price. To achieve this, I used the same S19j Pro 96t machine and created a table showing hashprofit versus hashrate and…

  • Hashpro(phet)


    Post-halving mining has been extremely challenging for many of us small-scale miners. Many have shut down their machines to weather the storm, hoping that BTCUSD will rise and drive up the hash price. However, things look bleak as we are in peak summer, with no signs of a significant hash price increase. We are left…