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  • Wolfcom


    Third person pov, weird. Was watching this from the room. I am asleep on the side of our bed in a familiar bedroom, but not our current bedroom. My hair is bleached and very short. I am hard asleep. Clancy and our daughters come racing into our room and shut the door. They are panicking…

  • Lights In The Sky

    Lights In The Sky

    In a downtown street area, walking around, and I am being followed by a belligerent person. I get the feeling the person is drunk or under the influence of something. I throw bottles of liquor at the person, but they keep pursuing. I am now in a great hallway filled with people. It is well-lit…

  • Big Orb

    Big Orb




    Mountain Trail and Bigfoot Dream The scenery is up on a mountain on a trail. You can see tall pine trees. I’m in a Jeep Wrangler, some sort of SUV with an open top, and I’m with my friend Patrick. We see overhead a big light flash across the sky like a comet, but it’s…