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Sticky Frogs

In some sort of high school/department store.

In the gymnasium.

Activities are happening there.

I need to use the restroom.

It is a very, very old restroom with an open shower type, brick floors.

It has a big open window to the outside.

Feels like Soviet Russia.

I found myself outside now.

Under a bridge area.

People are around in the distance.

Feels dystopian.

I found strange guns like they were 3D printed.

I was recalling a TV commercial of Australian guns, then I was holding them.

The color palette was like a Nerf gun, but it was the size of a MAC-10.

Then I noticed frogs all over the ground.

The frogs were tiny, they reminded me of the backyard in Arkansas.

But these frogs were sticky like leeches.

I noticed pain under my clothing and looked under and I was covered in small frogs stuck to my skin.

It was burning, they were everywhere. Like a plague.

I could not get them off.

I raced to the bathroom and ripped the small frogs off my skin into the toilet.

I attempted to flush them, but they stuck to the sides of the toilet beneath the water.

There was a feeling of danger and confusion.


sticky frogs