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Spooky Bois




Quick, look around you. You’re surrounded by ghosts. I don’t mean paranormal apparitions, I mean spooky bois, aka federal agents. The fact you’re reading this post means a spooky boi (AI) has logged you and your IP address in a database in a dark datacenter in Langley. Your every move is being watched. All of this is done as a psyop in the name of protection and all you get in return is a shitty reality with less privacy, less freedom, and your name logged in a massive relational database.

The big question I think about all too often is “What are we supposed to do about this?”. I don’t have the answer, but I have an answer. Resist. It’s the best you can do. Resist can come in many forms, but the main way you can resist is take care of yourself. That means mind body spirit. From there it’s take care of your house (everyone in it). Yes, you are the man of the house, that means lead your house. Teach your family how to resist. Lead them. After that it’s meme warfare.

This is where things are out of your control. The state wants us divided. You’re now competing on the battlefield of the mind. When you and your house are in line, now we wage war on the streets. Spooky bois are actively trying to set us up1, spying on us, trying to get you to slip up, and killing our dogs. You must meme harder. This is our only hope. There’s no doubt that we are waging war against legions of AI bots, we must meme harder because the spooky bois are out there.

  1. The state hates you. This is not up for debate. There are countless domestic programs about psyops and the state is actively waging psyops on us here at home. just click some links and read some reseach. ↩︎