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We’re seeing an influx of “slop”—low-quality content churned out by AI. It’s everywhere, and it’s easy to spot. But here’s the thing: the market craves the human touch. Authentic, creative, human-made content stands out.

slop (släp) noun

Low-quality content created by artificial intelligence, often lacking originality, creativity, or a human touch.

Usage in a sentence: “The internet is increasingly filled with slop, making it hard to find well-written, original articles.”

AI is just a tool. In the hands of great creators, it enhances creativity and streamlines production. But in the wrong hands, it generates slop. The difference is clear. Good creators use AI to add value; others use it to create noise.

As AI becomes more prevalent, remember this: quality and creativity will always win. People will always seek out and value the human touch.