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Every once in a while a retarded tradfi economist comes along and pitches a absolute softball to plebs. Today it was Samantha LaDuc.

“Interesting – serious question then: If one Bitcoin is sold in units of “Sats,” and there are over 2 quadrillion of those, HOW can they claim scarcity, lack of dilution, hedge against inflation/DEBASEMENT. This would seem to be common knowledge and well, “MATH”?”

Samantha LaDuc on Twitter

What makes this one sspecial is that since the tweet, she has double and triple downed and will not address how retarded the tweet is. It keeps getting better. On a recent CNBC feature, she is quoted saying that “Bitcoin is rogue money” and it really makes you wonder these peoples motivations.

I do wonder if some of these people just figure out the BDS (Bitcoin Derrangement Syndrome) engagement hack, where people get engagement simply by trying to shit on bitcoin and gaslight plebs. This happens quite often.

After poking around her website, you can see that she offers paid group services for $600 per month. Are there that many simp retards out there who will pay for this kind of thing? Sadly, there is.

Anyway, here’s to all the pizza’s out there doing gods work getting sliced insmaller and smaller pieces all to teach “economists” and thinkbois about debasement.