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Outsmarting the State

How many people work at the Federal Reserve? And how does their work translate into USD? With AI in the mix, the brainpower per dollar should go up. More computational power used by the Fed should mean higher dollar value, or something like that.

If you believe AI is running things at the Fed, then you have to believe this whole setup is orchestrated by AI. And if that’s the case, then yes, we’ve got a big fucking human problem. We have bus drivers asleep at the wheel.

Sure, AI might multiply the state’s decision-making capabilities, but it doesn’t change the wants and needs of the market. So, what happens next? The dollar is screwed.

The state will stretch this out as long as possible through Cantillon effects. They’ll roll out FedNow this summer, a fully digital version of U.S. Treasuries. Then, U.S. banks will go 100% stablecoins. We’ll be the only nation to take this route; others will go full CBDC. This move also allows more money printing through fractional reserve banking, and they’ll print a ton more to service debts.

Some people will ride this wave and export dollars to the global south in the name of humanity, ignoring the evilness of slave money, all to make a penny. These folks need to be called out for what they’re doing.

So, what do we do? Fundamentals.

outsmarting the state