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Orange Label proudly announces its collaboration with The Bugle, a leader in satirical news, to introduce the “Comply Series”. This new clothing line is a bold initiative to spotlight the theme of compliance, amplified by the support of Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor. This collaboration is designed to make bitcoiners question what exactly they are fighting for.

The “Comply Series” marries strong messaging and powerful imagery to challenge and redefine the norms of compliance. Each piece is a provocative statement, designed to spark discussions on the often contentious world of financial regulation.

The collection features a range of garments for both men and women, adorned with the word “COMPLY” and iconic imagery of Michael Saylor, who is well known for his staunch advocacy of compliance within the Bitcoin community. The line includes T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and jackets that blend Orange Label’s distinctive aesthetic with The Bugle’s satirical edge.

The “Comply Series” will be exclusively available at Orange Label starting May 6th. This launch is a pivotal moment for those who appreciate fashion as a form of expression and dissent, making a bold statement in today’s cultural and financial landscapes.

For additional images and details about the “Comply Series”, please visit the Orange Label X The Bugle shop page.