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On American Supremacy

It’s time to quit being ashamed of who you are. It’s time to be unapologetic. The blood coursing through your veins comes from men who conquered a continent and built a citadel of freedom in a world of tyranny. So why are we Americans ashamed of who we are?

The past 50 years have been a ruthless attack on our identity thanks to the industrial information complex, the hammering of “hyphenated Americans”, unintended consequences of the Civil Rights Act1, the emergence of DEI and woke ideology going mainstream. Our identity and people are fractured and ashamed of who we are.

Source: Gallup

While the world around is a constant gaslighting experience, a silver lining in this otherwise dreadful 2023 has been my personal discovery and exploration2 of the dissident right movement and thinkers. Among these people, Barbaric Disciple3 has emerged as a voice of pride that has resonated with me, and reinvigorated my own understanding of what it means to be American. He sums up an American most simply as “someone who descends from people who settled the new world PRIOR to the civil war.

“Maybe I’ve just gained so many new followers, they don’t understand. So let me explain in simple terms. When I say AMERICAN, I mean someone who descends from people who settled the new world PRIOR to the civil war. American is what our fathers chose to call themselves after they earned their freedom and so it’s what I call myself. It IS a race. American represents a mixture of the European settlers who were transformed by(made SUPERIOR) the frontier. That’s RIGHT. Made SUPERIOR. This is what I mean when I say I’m a racial supremacist. I believe AMERICANS are better and they are CHOSEN by God. White, on the other hand, is the color of your skin. A descriptor to tell you apart from the Indians and the blacks.”

Barbaric Disciple

This led me down an rabbithole to better understand who I am. What I found was startling, in the best way possible. I found that I have deep founding stock American blood. Sudden pride and the desire to procreate and build filled me. This led me to think deeply about the state we(I mean me) are in.


How Far Back Can You Trace Your Blood? For me, it was my Grandparents. Pathetic. How can we as a people have pride if we don’t even know where we come from? It can’t be possible. The truther in me got to thinking deep about this… What’s the best way to kill a people without firing a shot? Make them forget who they are, forget where they came from, forget or become uninterested in their past, make them ashamed of their past, distract them with consumerism, make them hate themselves, make them poor, make them slaves.

Consume -> Distract -> Forget -> Slavery

The end goal is slavery. There is a controlled demolition of the American empire and it’s coming from within. The method this is all happening is via the ultimate meme and man made technology, money.

The ultimate first principle I almost always come back to is money. Fiat money has destroyed everything, and in this case it has destroyed our time preference and very understanding of who we are. We have become distracted by high time preference money. Our soft money has destroyed our ability to think long term. This means that we have no care for the past. If you cared about the past then you would want to build more towards the future, but we are left living in 2-4 year cycles spiraling down a debt rabbit hole with a plastic empire.

America is not a plastic empire. America is an everlasting light. The current regime controlling the fatherland is dark and vile, but we Americans are not defined by the state. The ideals of building and conquering are American Supremacy. Americans are God’s chosen people. We are the beacon of hope in this dark world. The dark tyrants discount the power of the Bill of Rights and the Bible and a people whose blood memory can be activated with the flick of a match. American Supremacy will be put to the test and the gaslighting will intensify. We are factually being invaded by migrants who DO NOT share our beliefs. Under any other circumstances, you would call this an act of aggression but the dark state and industrial media complex call this progress.

Ok black pill over. White pill engaged. Build you mind body spirit. Read the Bible, make an appeal to heaven. Lift weights. Have babies. Buy guns, bitcoin, food. Build community. Meme harder. And last but not least, embrace American Supremacy.

  1. This being unintended is up for debate. There are many who think this current outcome was all planned and things are going according to plan, that is to destroy America from within. ↩︎
  2. Earlier this year I created Beefcoin which is a rss aggregation website that pulls in the blog feeds from tons of thinkers in 3 dissident topics, Bitcoin, Guncad, and Dissident Right. ↩︎
  3. You must buy his book, Barbaric Vitalism. Must read for young American men. ↩︎