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Mirrors In The Sky

In a battlefield, POV driving tanks.

End up at a school, very big like a mall.

Moving from one end to the other.

Feeling lost.

With Clancy.

End up in what feels like a very confined space, like a narrow corridor similar to an airplane walkway but with lockers on each side.

For some reason, we are looking for underwear in the lockers.

Feels dystopian because the underwear in the lockers are clean but used, very weird.

Change scene to outdoors.

It’s a cityscape, feels like the skyline in a video game.

I look at the sky and see shimmering like a mirror in the clouds.

It feels very alien.

The shimmer or mirrors are moving.

Find myself chasing someone who is friendly with airsoft guns.

Then we race back across the campus indoors to alert the people about the mirrors in the sky.

Cut scene to a portal in the sky.

Feels like on the moon.

The portal is revealing undead-like humans or zombies on the other side, they are coming through the portal.

The portal is covered with a cloth drape preventing the zombies from coming through.

End dream.