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Ministry of Propaganda




Looking back, it’s been 2 months since the last post, Barbed Wire Psyops. Nothing has happened. The news has died. For a week this was THE STORY, but it died. Why? Did the problem get solved? I can tell you that nothing has changed here in Texas. There are no stories about any crackdowns on the border. The news simply moved on the the next thing.

This inspired me to query “ministry of propaganda” which lead me to “Committee on Public Information” which lead me to “Woodrow Wilson“. How absolutely CLASSIC is it that the the guy who ushered in the Federal Reserve launched a literal propaganda machine in the federal government.

According to Wikipedia (yes, I know this is a literal propaganda website) “In just over 26 months (from April 14, 1917, to June 30, 1919) it used every medium available to create enthusiasm for the war effort and to enlist public support against the foreign and perceived domestic attempts to stop America‘s participation in the war. It is a notable example of propaganda in the United States.”

I knew the state has been engaged in ops for a long time, turns out it’s > 100 years. And since 1917, they have publicly been manipulating public perception. The machine which has monopoly on violence, information, and money creation always has and always will work to strengthen it’s position of power and make free men slaves.

As the gaslighting continues on the Southern border, look forward to no change. This election year will get more weird. We will hear about the border again and things will get worse. I don’t make the rules.