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Mind Control and Memory Loss

Hospital Dream

I am in a social setting, it feels like an airport lobby or classroom, I can’t remember where.

I remember a very, very small woman, like a hobbit.

Someone says to me, “How’s your chemotherapy going?”

I panic and realize I am bald. I look down and I have a hospital band on my wrist. I don’t remember being in chemo. I am terrified. What happened? Why don’t I remember? I don’t remember even one second of being in the hospital, being diagnosed with cancer, nothing.

I go to the hospital to investigate. I am back in a hospital gown, wandering the halls, looking for the bed area I was in.

The number was 147.

Patients are eating a meal—it was bright orange sweet potato pie and dressing. It was a Thanksgiving meal. I was starving. I finally found bed 147. No one was in it. There was a meal tray and I grabbed one and began eating. I remember the fork being covered by the sweet potatoes.

Finally, someone sat down next to me and they recognized me, but I didn’t recognize them—they were hospital staff. They assured me my charts showed I was now healthy.

Something was still off.

Why did I have no memory of this?

What the fuck happened?

Now I find myself at the base of some mountain. There is a truckload of people in a flatbed truck. There are orc-like people who are asking the people if they want to work below. They ALL say yes and hand over a leaf as a token. The orc puts the leaf through one of those old-school receipt stands that have a point in the middle to store the tokens.

The people begin shuttling toward an elevator. For some reason, I am able to move around freely. It is like everyone is under mind control except me.

I run around the perimeter of the mountain and see a long rope bridge coming from within the mountain.

This is the part that is terrifying.

The interior of the mountain is a fiery hell.

Walking toward me is a worker, they are now bald, and their body is translucent.

Inside their body is their soul, and it is banging on the body in pain, screaming for help.

At this moment, I realize I was them and they were me. I had experienced this. This is why I was bald.

These people are being forced to work under this mountain.

I run to the front and interfere with the orcs taking the tokens. Everyone, including the orcs, is mindless. I am able to slow things down.

Scene change.

Back at a social setting, telling people this story, and they think I am crazy. They start gaslighting me.


mind control and memory loss