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Lights In The Sky

In a downtown street area, walking around, and I am being followed by a belligerent person.

I get the feeling the person is drunk or under the influence of something.

I throw bottles of liquor at the person, but they keep pursuing.

I am now in a great hallway filled with people.

It is well-lit and very, very crowded, elbow to elbow, and going downward.

I make it to the bottom, still being chased by the belligerent person.

I reach the opening at the bottom, and it is a beach, also filled with many people.

I am running away, pushing my way through the beach crowd.

There is a small surf shack; I hide there, and the belligerent runs past. I have lost him.

I am then speaking to the bartender at the bar and ask him for a job. He says ok.

I get the feeling I am in a foreign country, like I am not supposed to be here.

Next thing I know, there is a skimboard. I attempt using the board, and the water is very calm.

There are many clouds; it feels like there is a massive roof overhead.

I am now on the beach, and I see hurricanes coming.

I am running with many others to the cover of a building. We make it to the outside of the building, and the hurricane stops at the shore.

Then we see very, very dark clouds rolling in. The clouds are black, and their shadows cast pitch-black shadows.

I am now in a field, and those clouds begin shooting down lasers.

The lasers are many, moving fast in straight lines, scorching the earth.

I run, missing the lasers, away from massive fires. Many people are running with me.

I am then transported above the clouds. I can’t remember if it is a plane or what, but we can see that the clouds are pitch black, and there are fires and sparks coming from them.