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Let Me Explain This To You

One does not simply explain something by force. He must want to see what you reveal. If he has no desire to receive light, he will not receive it. Under the right circumstances and with proper meme propagation he will be open to meme replication. The old saying in the sales world is you must tell someone something 7+ times for it to stick, so meme harder and more frequently.

By the way, Conor isn’t even talking to Ronaldo in this photo. He’s talking to another man. This is a great lesson in showmanship from Conor. Whatever he’s telling the other guy, whatever he’s trying to convince or tell him, well that’s not the point. The point is that Ronaldo HAS to listen to it. Ronaldo is the audience. Conor is a showman, and he’s putting on a show.

I say this because when you engage online it’s critical to remember that there’s an audience, always, and you are performing. The quality of the performance determines if the meme replicates or not.