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Is there group of people more hated than Karens? Are they single handedly responsible for the death of the American dream? Is there a path forward that doesn’t involves Karens? Can we psyop Karens back into their role? Can the longhouse be put in place? How can we reframe the longhouse? Is it so over that we’re so fucking back? What’s the path forward in the culture war? What is Karens place in the culture war? How can we influence and coerce Karens to change their position? Can we meme Karens into a new meaning? Are Karen’s worth saving? Are Karens a lost cause? Can someone please write a new Karens manifesto?

Karen (noun) /ˈkærən/:

  1. A pejorative slang term used to describe a middle-aged white woman exhibiting behaviors that are perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the norms of social etiquette.
  2. A stereotype characterizing such a woman as frequently engaging in aggressive, rude, or prejudiced actions, especially towards service workers or in public disputes, often with an expectation of privilege.

Usage Note: The term is often criticized for being sexist, ageist, and for reinforcing stereotypes. It is advisable to use caution and sensitivity in its application, as it can be seen as derogatory.

Side note, Karen Smith was the star of Mean Girls. I don’t make the rules.