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If You’re Reading This Then You’re On A List, Friend.




Another day another list.

Are you keeping track, friend?

How can you keep track.

You are the SKU.

You’re on many lists.

They track you.

They log you.

They watch your clicks.

They watch your keystrokes.

Your thoughts are being estimated before you think them.

There are complex models running the numbers on what you will do in scenarios.

Your friends are on these lists too.

They run more complex models to see how you will react to many different situations.

They log the results.

They add you to another list.


You’re shadow banned.

They run more tests and log the results.

They put you on a list.

Your friends are on this list too.

Hello, friend.

They run more tests.

You are now banned.

You said the wrong thing.

They told you to say the thing.

You fire up an alt.

Your alt makes it to all the same list.

You’re on a list.

Your friends are on the list.

They run a test.

They log the results.

You are on a new list.

Your bank account is closed and funds are frozen.

You react.

You are shadow banned.

You are put on a list.

Your friends are on this list.

They run a test. The log the results.

You are banned.

You react.

You get a knock on the door.

You are on a list.

You are wearing a black bag over your head.

You’re on a list.

If you’re reading this then you’re on a list, friend.