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A wise man once said “Everything is fake and gay.” I can’t argue with the wisdom in that quote. Since that’s true, you need to ask yourself not WHY is everything fake, but HOW. To answer this we can thank the unlimited budget of the state and a literal army of operators running ops IRL. These ops are often built with Hegelian Dialectics, that is built with the end goal in mind and putting the pieces together to get that outcome.

“Well it’s simple, Russ… It’s called the Hegelian Dialect. Basically you create the problem to get the reaction you want. And then people accept the solution you offer. And if they are really scared, they’ll even beg for it.”Twitter

So now think about what is happening that is a big headline. Not the distractions from Hollywood, I mean some of those headlines are dialectics to make us all gay, but I am talking about the bigger ones, see below.

The best examples of dialectics in action are the following:

  1. The US Border Crisis/Immigration Problem
  2. The CBDC/Stablecoin focus in Congress

The US Border Crisis/Immigration Problem

This is a fake issue. No, I don’t mean that it is not actually a problem, I mean that this is not a natural issue. This is manufactured i.e. fake issue. The mainstream media and political retards argue about the fake reasons we got here and they propose retarded ways to fix the fake issue. But the state has it’s own desired outcome for this fake issue. The clear desired outcome for this is digital identification. They will use this fake issue to make Americans beg for digital ID’s. You will have to have digital ID to do anything in America at some point and they (the state) is playing their cards perfectly. They have opened the door so wide that everyone who is American is absolutely wrecked and their country is being literally over run with non Americans who don’t give a fuck about America. Americans will get on their knees and swallow anything to deal with this fake issue. Sad.

The CBDC/Stablecoin focus in Congress

It is disgusting to see bi partisan support for anti CBDC support in Congress. This is a red flag if I have ever seen one. The whole “CBDC is Un-American” trope is true, but this is ridiculous. Congress is setting rfame for stablecoins, which are synthetic CBDC. The stablecoin operators are proxies for the state. This is all fake and gay. This op likely will tie into the digital id desired outcome above. Also the state needs treasure buyers so stables will serve that void as dollar milkshake plays out. Dang.

So we are fighting against a soulless being with a money printer and presumably unlimited man hours at it’s dispossal. But we are frogs, and we are not fake and gay. We believe in truth and that is our weapon and that is why we win in the end (Christ-pill).

Don’t underestimate the dialectics. Assume they are layers deep. It is not A, B, C. It is Thousands of op working simultaneously in tandem for the states desired outcome of more control. The state hates you, never forget that. Always assume it is an op.