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Thinking through the gaslighting and carnage of the past four years is enough to make even the most devout a bit sad. 2023 was the most difficult for my family. The economy was absolutely brutal, and it’s not like things suddenly got better in 2024; it’s just not 2023 anymore, and that’s enough.

The immigration problem and the longhouse are constant things to deal with. It’s a painful reality, and the only way through this is to meme harder. Violence will be met with violence, and the state has a monopoly, so memes are the only answer.

But through the heartache during the year, there was and still is hope. I remember how fed up we all were last summer, and then “Rich Men North of Richmond” dropped, and there was a literal vibe shift. Not only online, but in real life. I’m not saying the song fixed anything, but it did ease some heartache, if only for a short period of time.

Looking forward to 2024, the economy is still bad. The longhouse is still raging, it’s an election year, so the Democrats will burn stuff down and blame racists; conservative LARPers will do nothing. Society has taken away a warrior’s death here in America and replaced it with SSRIs and nursing homes.

This isn’t a black pill post; this is an orange pill post. Back to the point. “Rich Men North of Richmond” was a covert song about Bitcoin, ending the Fed, and how far we are as a people.

What a Chad piece of art.

What a Chad meme.

Here’s to heartache and what comes of it.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalms 34:18