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“Great news: we’re making identity verification available.”

The optics on this is really impressive. You see, this is great news. You will be able to upload all your KYC documentation and in return you will get no value whatsoever except hey you will get a little checkmark and the feds get a bigger honeypot.

Many such cases.

It isn’t like Linkedin didn’t already know who you are. Instead, this is a coordinated push to normalize KYC and digital identity across all of the internet. If Linkedin pushes and normalizes identify like this, then surely every CTO on the platform will feel compelled to roll it out across their shitty product.

“Hey maybe I need to roll out identity across my products too. And hey, this is the norm now… I should make a post about how this is great.”

– CTO on Linkedin probably

This isn’t about the worst social network on the internet rolling out verification, this is about another social network (cringe as it is) rolling out identity verification, but this one has some sway over enterprise IRL.

Nothing will stop their march, so be aware they are coming for your soul.