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The world we knew in the 90’s and 00’s are long gone. We remember a much different world than we’re living in today. Sure, there was division1 amongst us back then, but nothing like you see today. A left of the bell curve pattern-recognizer can see that there is something systematic happening to agitate and cause division.

I am the first to admit my tin foil hat is securely in place, and I am also first to admit I am not well read on the art of division but I am an aspiring expert in meme warfare (i.e. pattern recognition). We know for a fact that our own government is actively waging psychological warfare on us2, and you’d have to be a fool to NOT think a major intended consequence of these activities is to cause division. The bigger underlying question of all the gaslighting and tactics is why? Why do they want the people divided?

We know “divide and conquer” is a good strategy to conquer an enemy, but what happens when the people are pushed to a breaking point? I believe the powers controlling the state want to ride the line between civil war and dystopian panopticon, but how close are we to the the war part? We saw in 2020 the summer of love cities burn to the ground and not a thing done to stop it. It feels fabricated because nothing happened except more power for the state. So the edge is desired state for maximum return on investment from the state, but each time they play their cards the half-life of the psychological operation activities diminish3.

So riding the edge to us seems reckless, but that is the exact desired state of affairs the state wants us to experience. If we are divided we are easily corralled. I just can’t believe that we are so close to the edge.

Let me stop myself here. I am making wild assumptions that we are anywhere near “the edge”, we’re probably not even close. If I had to bet, the state has modeled out via war game simulations millions of times and they know exactly what the fuck they are doing, for us though it feels extreme like the house of cards can crumble at any time. I am psyoping myself as I write this doubting everything.

I go back and forth between optimism and pessimism, just for this physical world at this moment. I know this is all God’s plan, and that feels good, but I still want the good guys (Americans not USG) to win, especially while I am here on this ball.

Alright to tldr for this, the state hates you, always has, they are running psychological operations on us at all times, everything is planned, they want us divided, but pattern-recognizers are among us and they are running the numbers and we are going to win. That is the only thing worth fighting for, the fact the good guys (Americans) win.

  1. Division – Act of distributing among a number. Portion of territorial area marked off for a particular purpose. Operating or administrative unit of government, court, business, or school system. Condition of being divided in opinion. Major military unit. Separation of members of a legislative body to take a vote. See also Range. [From Black’s Law Dictionary] ↩︎
  2. It’s not up for debate. The State Hates You. The Military, all branches, have a joint publication on the rules to using Psychological Operations, and in case you didn’t know, they are fully supporting undisclosed government agencies in carrying out Psyops on us. “When authorized, PSYOP forces may be used
    domestically to assist lead federal agencies during disaster relief and crisis management by informing the domestic population.” this isn’t cherry picked, this is right in the intro of the Psychological Operations Joint Publication. ↩︎
  3. One of my alltime favorite pieces on this is from Aristophanes. He wrote an epic tweet thread that somehow made it into my timeline and I knew we had to publish it in print at Bitcoin Magazine. His Piece “The Chaffening” is incredible and does a much better job of talking about how our guys win. ↩︎