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There are no rules in trench warfare and meme warfare. Yet, in the quest for victory within the sprawling culture war, we are witnessing something remarkable in the most unlikely of places: 4chan. This breeding ground for memes is once again melting hearts and minds, but this time it doesn’t involve green frogs or cryptic Q messages. The operation, codenamed DignifAI, aims to use AI to clothe women in photos they post on social media and remove any piercings and tattoos, marking a stark departure1 from the anticipated applications of AI by Malthusians.

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“AI porn makes them angry.
But use AI to clothe them, remove their tattoos and piercings… The seething will echo through the ages. Brute force psychological warfare is back on the menu”
OP on 4chan

Original DignifAI image on 4chan

There’s a growing awareness and growing dissatisfaction with the sexualization pervasive in American culture. As the pendulum swings back from degenerate materialism, a new counterculture emerges, characterized not by rebellion, but by civilization building through the cultivation of mind, body, and spirit. This counterculture includes gym bros reading stoics and philosophy, nuclear families, cypherpunks running code and printing guns at their homes, and rejecting anything state institutions thrust upon us like schooling, healthcare, and money. This is the new face of counterculture.

The sexualization psyop is losing it’s pull on the frogs. Sure, 4chan will continue to be filled with nudity and toxicity (this is it’s immune system to keep out weak minds) but DignifAI is a wild new use of meme warfare, weaponizing AI to not create more degeneracy, which the Malthusians thrive on, but to shame degenerate behavior. DignifAI showcases that modesty can be beautiful and that women should have more elf respect online. The commies want us weak and dumb and thirsty for egirls. This is not the way. The way is to build your temple and the rest of the cards will fall in place.

While DignifAI represents a novel approach to combating sexualization online, it also raises ethical questions and potential criticisms. Critics might argue that altering images without consent infringes on individual autonomy and could be seen as a form of digital censorship, potentially stifling self-expression. The initiative’s focus on women’s online presence will perpetuate gender biases, suggesting that women’s bodies are more in need of ‘modesty’ or censorship. Understanding that critics will use this sort of bullshit to defend degeneracy is important, but it is more important that dignification is more important than degeneracy. We have the moral high ground. They will cope and seethe, and that is an important part in meme warfare. There will be minds blown.

dignification. (noun) /ˌdɪɡ.nɪ.fɪˈkeɪ.ʃən/

  1. The act of conferring dignity or worth upon a person or thing; the process of making something appear dignified, worthy, or noble.
  2. The state of being dignified or elevated in character, status, or appearance.

Meme warfare tactics are evolving, and with them, their utility in the broader cultural discourse. As platforms like OnlyFans enable women to monetize their bodies, this not only becomes lucrative in rare cases but also acts as a beacon of degeneracy, undermining the very fabric of family values that are crucial for civilization building. If you were intent on destroying America, juicing algorithms that show near-nude thots would be a great way to destroy a generation or women and men.

DignifAI Resources

No good warfare tactic is complete without a field manual. The good frogs on 4chan conveniently included the following resources that include all the tools and resources needed to participate in DignifAI.

The emergence of DignifAI shows is that the bleeding edge of meme warfare has seen through the Malthusian agenda of degeneracy. Dignification is unstappable, serving as a warning to all degenerates. We will use AI to ridicule you. Let all the thots be warned that their time will come. No longer will the frogs allow their minds to be polluted with the Malthusian commie agenda of sexualization and consumerism. Through the act of dignification, shame and ridicule will become the watchwords in the fight for cultural sovereignty.

  1. When things start hitting Jack Posobiec’s radar you know it is catching on. This might die off as another internet meme, but it feels like a useful tool in our great fight of meme warfare. Take their tools and use them against them.