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It’s only been like two weeks but I went ahead and refreshed the brand kit. Over this summer we’ve gone from nothing but a wordmark, to a smiley face, to a custom smiley + other assets.

I found a generic smiley face a couple weeks ago and placed the “OL” in place of the eyes. This gave the brand a bit of soul and allowed us to place the smiley on marketing assets besides the wordmark, and it was a nice juxtaposition against dark imagery. But this was a bit of a hack job. The smile on the face did not look right with the thick block letters on the eyes “OL”. I reached out to Baza fof help in making the smile a bit thicker and she went all out with the angles and the whole kit looks so fresh…

With the launch of the brand new package, our brand opens up a new opportunities to seamlessly incorporate our elements across various social media platforms and other creative spaces. This represents a significant milestone in our ongoing brand evolution.

We’ve begun incorporating this new kit into assets and you will see it hit all elements on the website over the coming weeks. I am questioning whether I go back into the archives and refresh old asset images with the new logos (I probably will because OCD is real).