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Cope and Seethe

The world is changing but old beliefs and world views die hard. For bitcoiners, this is extra painful. Many will be humbled. Bitcoin changes you, you don’t change Bitcoin. For this reason, the Bitcoin many people have come to love no longer exists, and they feel completely lost.

These people want Bitcoin to NOT change. They want Bitcoin to not grow that way, they want it to grow this way [according to their moral standards]. The reality is that Bitcoin will do anything and everything TO GROW. This means it will melt your brain and break all your models. You’ll be left clutching your pearls if you don’t recognize this.

Now if you understand this and still want to change Bitcoin, your only option is to meme harder than Bitcoin. Remember, Bitcoin is rules not rulers, so you want to change things, then you will need to convince people to see the world through your lens [your rules, your moral standard, use Bitcoin like this not like that].

In the end, you will likely get rekt. You will be slain. Heroes must fall. This is the way of Bitcoin. Now cope and seethe.