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“Chaos Is Good For Bitcoin”

Bombs dropping over the Middle East. MSM clamoring for the start of WW3. Then walks in Chief spook officer Michael Saylor. He decides to send it. Fuck it. He types 5 words and smashes send tweet.

“Chaos is good for #Bitcoin.”

Markets are panicking and by markets I mean the only market open panics, it’s Bitcoin btw because this was on a Saturday night as Iran announced sending dozens of bombs into Israel.

So Bitcoin price dumps on news of war in the Middle East and the guy with the biggest known bags sends tweet.

Now look, I’m not shaming him for sending this tweet, I’m just pointing out ting out that the CIA funded leader of the free world known bitcoin Michael Saylor is sending these messages.

It just feels wild man. We knew things would get weird but Saylor with no empathy is a weird one. Notice he didn’t call out the military industrial complex. No, just that chaos is good for Bitcoin. He didn’t shit on the U.S. Dollar and money printer, no just that news on WW3 is good for Bitcoin.

The ops go brrr another day.