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  • A Growth Dilemma

    A Growth Dilemma

    Larry Fink’s recent comments on the economic outlook and public-private partnerships (PPPs) are him broadcasting his intentions and strategy to consolidate corporate control under the guise of fostering development. Centralization of Financial Power Fink states that capital markets have overtaken traditional banks as the primary source of financing. This shift implies a greater concentration of…

  • King-Making Via Stablecoins

    King-Making Via Stablecoins

    Are stablecoins how the US Empire survives another 100 years? Likely. In Fifth Epoch Prophecies, I predicted that a country would adopt a USD-denominated stablecoin as legal tender and that the market cap of stablecoins would exceed $3.75 trillion. While stablecoins have emerged as a major winner in the sea of loser crypto use cases,…

  • Assume The Risk

    Assume The Risk

    Awayslice posted this tweet a couple of weeks ago, and it has stuck in my head like a mind virus. It sums up my personal mood in a very serious way. We are in very intense economic conditions highlighted by fake inflation rates and rampant poverty. I say fake because the numbers they use to…

  • Ministry of Propaganda

    Ministry of Propaganda




    Looking back, it’s been 2 months since the last post, Barbed Wire Psyops. Nothing has happened. The news has died. For a week this was THE STORY, but it died. Why? Did the problem get solved? I can tell you that nothing has changed here in Texas. There are no stories about any crackdowns on…

  • Under the Rock

    Under the Rock

    Fink could be the most powerful known figure in the world as CEO and founder fo BlackRock. As of the end of 2023, Blackrock had more than $9T in assets under management. Anyway, they are trying to own the world so you can own nothing and be happy. Besides that they entered the Bitcoin ETF…

  • The Horses In The Stables

    The Horses In The Stables

    After 3 years at Bitcoin Magazine I still struggle in articulating how dollars are created and “Why is it so difficult to understand?”. It is designed complex precisely so you won’t be able to understand it. It is a boring topic, something you couldn’t possible be interested in, and so complex that only economists can…

  • Outsmarting the State

    Outsmarting the State


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    How many people work at the Federal Reserve? And how does their work translate into USD? With AI in the mix, the brainpower per dollar should go up. More computational power used by the Fed should mean higher dollar value, or something like that. If you believe AI is running things at the Fed, then…