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Category: Dream Log

  • Lights In The Sky

    Lights In The Sky

    In a downtown street area, walking around, and I am being followed by a belligerent person. I get the feeling the person is drunk or under the influence of something. I throw bottles of liquor at the person, but they keep pursuing. I am now in a great hallway filled with people. It is well-lit…

  • Big Orb

    Big Orb

    Mountain Trail and Bigfoot Dream The scenery is up on a mountain on a trail. You can see tall pine trees. I’m in a Jeep Wrangler, some sort of SUV with an open top, and I’m with my friend Patrick. We see overhead a big light flash across the sky like a comet, but it’s…

  • Mirrors In The Sky

    Mirrors In The Sky

    In a battlefield, POV driving tanks. End up at a school, very big like a mall. Moving from one end to the other. Feeling lost. With Clancy. End up in what feels like a very confined space, like a narrow corridor similar to an airplane walkway but with lockers on each side. For some reason,…

  • Sticky Frogs

    Sticky Frogs

    In some sort of high school/department store. In the gymnasium. Activities are happening there. I need to use the restroom. It is a very, very old restroom with an open shower type, brick floors. It has a big open window to the outside. Feels like Soviet Russia. I found myself outside now. Under a bridge…

  • Amy Buckner

    Amy Buckner

    Lake Cabin Dream At a cabin on a lake. Taking photos of water level. On multiple occasions, the water is higher. David Hall is there with me in a truck, noticing. At the cabin, we play some game. It is circles like hollow cylinders. You take turns rolling dice and somehow place cylinders on the…

  • NPC Tower of Babel

    NPC Tower of Babel

    In a dystopic world where no one notices. The workers are building vertically. Building buildings to the heavens. The world functions on trust. No one notices any corruption. No one questions why. I begin noticing and want to find someone to ask why. There’s no one to ask. Eventually, I find someone, and he is…

  • Mind Control and Memory Loss

    Mind Control and Memory Loss

    Hospital Dream I am in a social setting, it feels like an airport lobby or classroom, I can’t remember where. I remember a very, very small woman, like a hobbit. Someone says to me, “How’s your chemotherapy going?” I panic and realize I am bald. I look down and I have a hospital band on…

  • Apple Juice

    Apple Juice

    Truck Journey Dream In a truck with Dad, Uncle Jerry, and some other old man. We’re traveling somewhere we shouldn’t be, almost like restricted property, kind of a warzone feeling. We cut across roads and up into the woods. The front of the trail is under development and will soon be some new usable property.…