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  • Desktop Zero

    Desktop Zero




    It’s happening—the zen of cleaning your desktop. Is there a better feeling than emptying the recycle bin? I don’t think so. With a clean desk, we’re ready to fill it up again. The key is to put systems in place and create easy-to-access default folders. Convenience often leads to dragging files to the desktop, but…

  • Detoxification


    I am in pursuit of more faith and hope in the world. The past four years have been absolutely brutal on my mental health. While many blessings have occurred during this time, I am now facing the reality of what I have become: toxic and blackpilled. This is not the person I wanted to become,…

  • Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever




    JBR is working on an album. Here is one of the songs from it titled Golden Retriever. And yes, I am over here crying. She’s putting together a whole album, can’t wait to put it on a CD for her.

  • Career Advice

    Career Advice

    Sometimes in life you get advice you don’t want, you don’t need, or don’t deserve. What you do with the advice is up to you. When you’re presented with career advice at a young age, you either take it or leave it. I personally regret not taking some advice, although I wouldn’t be the person…

  • 5 W’s

    5 W’s

    Introduction In the world of sales, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, but sometimes we need to step back and ask ourselves the right questions to get to the heart of the problem. The Toyota 5 Whys technique is a powerful tool for doing just that. It’s not about finding…

  • Chapters


    The end of one chapter is the start of another. This week, a significant chapter at BM closed with the departure of a valued colleague. It’s always hard to lose a partner, especially someone you collaborate with so closely. We’ll look back on this period and appreciate the moments we shared. Each magazine we produced…

  • Roof Rally

    Roof Rally

    Scene is an urban area, very dark and gray. I am on a rooftop; it is a political rally. Joe Biden is approaching to make his way up a podium on the roof, and I get the feeling he will fall from the roof. The stairs to the roof are right near the edge. He…

  • Super Magma

    Super Magma




    Walking through a wooded neighborhood with Clancy. It’s a beautiful day, maybe springtime. The weather is perfect with the shade of tall pines overhead. Suddenly, we look behind us, and there is lava flowing on the ground. It is a very dark color, like oil. I say it’s “super magma.” It flows down the hill…

  • Unhinged or On Point?

    Unhinged or On Point?

    TLDR Trump email are insane. In this short article we look at a sample of his last 50 emails and analyze the design of the last 10. Is Trump’s email strategy unhinged or on point? Consistency in email communication reveals its true power. I would love to know the ROI per email. Whoever is running…

  • Slop





    We’re seeing an influx of “slop”—low-quality content churned out by AI. It’s everywhere, and it’s easy to spot. But here’s the thing: the market craves the human touch. Authentic, creative, human-made content stands out. slop (släp) noun Low-quality content created by artificial intelligence, often lacking originality, creativity, or a human touch. Usage in a sentence:…

  • Plans of the diligent

    Plans of the diligent

    “The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; But of every one that is hasty only to want.” Proverbs‬ ‭21‬:‭5‬ ‭KJV‬‬ I’ve been diving deep into the world of digital marketing, particularly focusing on growing accounts and selling through social media. In this journey, I’ve crafted a straightforward business model aimed at building a…

  • Pausing Projects

    Pausing Projects

    I’m hitting the pause button on a few projects to focus on crafting my life funnel. This means I am no longer publishing weekly Beefcoin updates and I am no longer tracking the weekly Bitcoin Twitter drama on Orange Label. While those were “fun” projects, they are not adding to my life in a meaningful…

  • Life Funnel

    Life Funnel




    In business, a funnel takes a prospect from awareness to action. What if you applied this to your life? Meet the Life Funnel—a strategy to achieve your goals with the precision of a funnel (very precise). How It Works Why It Matters A Life Funnel keeps you focused, organized, and motivated. It turns lofty goals…

  • Hashcost Table

    Hashcost Table

    Here’s the thing about Bitcoin mining: it’s a game of margins. The Hashcost Table is a secret weapon in navigating profitability. By breaking down the daily cost of Bitcoin mining into two critical factors—electricity prices and ASIC efficiency—you can pinpoint your exact costs with precision. If you are not running these numbers BEFORE you buy…

  • The President Has No Clothes

    The President Has No Clothes

    The President Has No Clothes Tonight, we witnessed a brutal humiliation of the American people. The President entered a highly moderated debate and left us all wondering what the hell is happening. Simple questions went unanswered, no substance was discussed—it was embarrassing. We are in the late stage of empire collapse, and it doesn’t feel…

  • Summer Camp Simple Cipher

    Summer Camp Simple Cipher

    My big gal is entering her second week of Summer Camp which means I’m already missing her. At the last camp we made hand signals so she could relay messages to us via the camp photographer. It worked magically. But this camp we wanted to have a little more fun. We do have a chance…

  • Wolfcom


    Third person pov, weird. Was watching this from the room. I am asleep on the side of our bed in a familiar bedroom, but not our current bedroom. My hair is bleached and very short. I am hard asleep. Clancy and our daughters come racing into our room and shut the door. They are panicking…

  • A Growth Dilemma

    A Growth Dilemma

    Larry Fink’s recent comments on the economic outlook and public-private partnerships (PPPs) are him broadcasting his intentions and strategy to consolidate corporate control under the guise of fostering development. Centralization of Financial Power Fink states that capital markets have overtaken traditional banks as the primary source of financing. This shift implies a greater concentration of…

  • King-Making Via Stablecoins

    King-Making Via Stablecoins

    Are stablecoins how the US Empire survives another 100 years? Likely. In Fifth Epoch Prophecies, I predicted that a country would adopt a USD-denominated stablecoin as legal tender and that the market cap of stablecoins would exceed $3.75 trillion. While stablecoins have emerged as a major winner in the sea of loser crypto use cases,…

  • Dog House

    Dog House

    Setting is an abandoned house, feels like flashes of my grandmother’s house in Mississippi. The roof is off the home. It’s only stone walls, no roof. But there are still some old things left inside, like tables and chairs. On one table is a laptop and a small tablet. They both power on as I…

  • Expanding Hashpro(phet)

    Expanding Hashpro(phet)

    Over the weekend, I expanded my research on Hashpro(phet). While the line charts are informative, I wanted a comprehensive view of hashprofit in a large table format to identify potential risks in hashrate and price. To achieve this, I used the same S19j Pro 96t machine and created a table showing hashprofit versus hashrate and…

  • Hashpro(phet)


    Post-halving mining has been extremely challenging for many of us small-scale miners. Many have shut down their machines to weather the storm, hoping that BTCUSD will rise and drive up the hash price. However, things look bleak as we are in peak summer, with no signs of a significant hash price increase. We are left…

  • Thumbs Up, Peace Sign, and Okay

    Thumbs Up, Peace Sign, and Okay

    Summer camp… is there anything more American? I never got the chance to go to summer camp, it just wasn’t a big thing where I grew up, but today this is a very big thing for my kids. We are coming off our first week of both kids being away at camp and the emotions…

  • Lights In The Sky

    Lights In The Sky

    In a downtown street area, walking around, and I am being followed by a belligerent person. I get the feeling the person is drunk or under the influence of something. I throw bottles of liquor at the person, but they keep pursuing. I am now in a great hallway filled with people. It is well-lit…

  • Big Orb

    Big Orb




    Mountain Trail and Bigfoot Dream The scenery is up on a mountain on a trail. You can see tall pine trees. I’m in a Jeep Wrangler, some sort of SUV with an open top, and I’m with my friend Patrick. We see overhead a big light flash across the sky like a comet, but it’s…



    As drone war heats up, soldiers are now issued shotguns to fend off drone attacks. Arkansas boys are literally bred for this kind of defense. OK in all seriousness, the way drone warfare is escalating, the future looks very grim. Pray for peace and quick justice for warmongers.

  • Broke Ass Niggas

    Broke Ass Niggas

    Updated 6-20-2024 to include jinx edit A folk hero of the right has emerged. Young heroine speaks her mind and lays it all out there. The mob goes wild and successfully cancels her job, but she’s not done. Follow along for a short story. Cancel Tactics Here we see the left using the classic tactic…

  • Assume The Risk

    Assume The Risk

    Awayslice posted this tweet a couple of weeks ago, and it has stuck in my head like a mind virus. It sums up my personal mood in a very serious way. We are in very intense economic conditions highlighted by fake inflation rates and rampant poverty. I say fake because the numbers they use to…

  • We Are All Going To Die
  • All Your Data Are Belong To Us

    All Your Data Are Belong To Us




    In the digital age, privacy is what’s at stake, and it’s at risk with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s be real—your data isn’t private. It’s being watched, collected, and sold to the highest bidder. And guess what? AI is only going to speed up this privacy downfall. AI feeds on data. Every click,…

  • Crypto Stands Against This

    Crypto Stands Against This

    The internet never loses. Schizo egirls popping off on not being able to buy a big mac because the banks are holding her money and crypto fixes this and the jews and hate meme coins too. So many memes in a single schizo post.

  • Slaughter False Prophets

    Slaughter False Prophets




    I was at a crawfish boil over the weekend and had the great pleasure of speaking to a mutual friend’s father about the world around us. He is a blue-collar Southerner, and he reminds me of my own father in many ways. We began the oral tradition of sharing political beliefs, and I received a…

  • Mirrors In The Sky

    Mirrors In The Sky




    In a battlefield, POV driving tanks. End up at a school, very big like a mall. Moving from one end to the other. Feeling lost. With Clancy. End up in what feels like a very confined space, like a narrow corridor similar to an airplane walkway but with lockers on each side. For some reason,…

  • Laser Eyed Larps

    Laser Eyed Larps




    Last week, the US Senate voted to overturn an SEC Accounting Bulletin1 that prohibited banks from custodying digital assets. This decision directly opposes the platform of Senator Warren2 and President Biden3, who are staunchly against cryptocurrencies. This bipartisan victory4 in the Senate is intriguing because it demonstrates that crypto is an issue that transcends party…

  • Sticky Frogs

    Sticky Frogs




    In some sort of high school/department store. In the gymnasium. Activities are happening there. I need to use the restroom. It is a very, very old restroom with an open shower type, brick floors. It has a big open window to the outside. Feels like Soviet Russia. I found myself outside now. Under a bridge…



    “Great news: we’re making identity verification available.” The optics on this is really impressive. You see, this is great news. You will be able to upload all your KYC documentation and in return you will get no value whatsoever except hey you will get a little checkmark and the feds get a bigger honeypot. Many…






    In the digital age, where information flows unfettered across borders and screens, the battleground for hearts and minds has extended far beyond traditional media into the realm of social networks and cyberspace. At the heart of this new era of conflict, where meme warfare and psychological operations (psyops) play pivotal roles, lies an ancient method…



    “None of them will be wrapped by a spot ETF, none of them will ever be accepted by Wall Street. Ethereum, along with Solana, XRP, Cardano, and BNB, will all be designated as unregistered securities by the SEC. These altcoins will not gain institutional acceptance. Bitcoin is the one universal institutional-grade crypto asset, and there…



    A wise man once said “Everything is fake and gay.” I can’t argue with the wisdom in that quote. Since that’s true, you need to ask yourself not WHY is everything fake, but HOW. To answer this we can thank the unlimited budget of the state and a literal army of operators running ops IRL.…

  • Ordinals Unleashed

    Ordinals Unleashed

    Bitcoin, Not Blockchain Bitcoin, not blockchain. This has been a prominent meme throughout the past two epochs, guiding noobs towards a Bitcoin-only way of life, away from the fraudulent “cryptos” promising greater “blockchain tech”. Yet, here we are, more focused than ever on the blockchain. But this time it’s different: The whole world has a…

  • Amy Buckner

    Amy Buckner




    Lake Cabin Dream At a cabin on a lake. Taking photos of water level. On multiple occasions, the water is higher. David Hall is there with me in a truck, noticing. At the cabin, we play some game. It is circles like hollow cylinders. You take turns rolling dice and somehow place cylinders on the…

  • Long Live The Degens: The Battle for Attention Between Bitcoin Magazine & Swan Bitcoin

    Long Live The Degens: The Battle for Attention Between Bitcoin Magazine & Swan Bitcoin




    Over the past year, a battle for attention has erupted on Bitcoin Twitter between two prominent players in the media game: Bitcoin Magazine and Swan Bitcoin. While both companies are deeply embedded in the Western Bitcoin ecosystem, their different monetization strategies and ethical stances have led to a noticeable division among Bitcoiners. This divide, intensified…



    Orange Label proudly announces its collaboration with The Bugle, a leader in satirical news, to introduce the “Comply Series”. This new clothing line is a bold initiative to spotlight the theme of compliance, amplified by the support of Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor. This collaboration is designed to make bitcoiners question what exactly they are fighting…

  • NPC Tower of Babel

    NPC Tower of Babel




    In a dystopic world where no one notices. The workers are building vertically. Building buildings to the heavens. The world functions on trust. No one notices any corruption. No one questions why. I begin noticing and want to find someone to ask why. There’s no one to ask. Eventually, I find someone, and he is…

  • Fifth Epoch Prophecies

    Fifth Epoch Prophecies

    This post was featured on Bitcoin Magazine → This post was featured on Zero Hedge → Updated on 6-10-2024 to include a Stablecoin market cap prophecy. Death and taxes and 21 million Bitcoin. That is what we know to be certain. The rest is conjecture. Today I wanted to share my big bets on the…

  • Pick Your Poisson

    Pick Your Poisson

    This article was originally published at Bitcoin Magazine in The Halving Issue. Calculated probabilities were calculated by Greg @ Block 840,000 is not just another block in the blockchain; it triggers the Bitcoin halving where the block reward is reduced from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC, cutting the amount of BTC mined each day…

  • Katetones


    This is what I imagine CIA gang stalking victims have to watch with eyes wide shut for hours on end.

  • The Blocks Tell A Story

    The Blocks Tell A Story

    As I write this, we are 605 blocks away from the next Bitcoin Halving. This epoch has been tumultuous, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, economic stimulus checks, mandatory vaccinations, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a shift in Chinese mining operations, and a record-setting Bitcoin price. Through it all, Bitcoin has continued to operate as designed. In my…

  • “Chaos Is Good For Bitcoin”

    “Chaos Is Good For Bitcoin”

    Bombs dropping over the Middle East. MSM clamoring for the start of WW3. Then walks in Chief spook officer Michael Saylor. He decides to send it. Fuck it. He types 5 words and smashes send tweet. “Chaos is good for #Bitcoin.” Markets are panicking and by markets I mean the only market open panics, it’s…

  • Ministry of Propaganda

    Ministry of Propaganda




    Looking back, it’s been 2 months since the last post, Barbed Wire Psyops. Nothing has happened. The news has died. For a week this was THE STORY, but it died. Why? Did the problem get solved? I can tell you that nothing has changed here in Texas. There are no stories about any crackdowns on…

  • The Memetic Magic of “Choose Rich”

    The Memetic Magic of “Choose Rich”

    “Choose Rich” he said. Of course, what is the alternative, choose poor. There is no alternative, this is memetic gold. Now peel back the layers and understand the context of the shitcoiner saying this, it’s cringe coming out of his mouth but you can’t argue with the meme. This spring we are blessed with memetic…

  • Yin Yang

    Yin Yang

    In a Yin Yang symbol made of a Wojak meme and a Pepe meme, we find the ancient concept of dualism, embodying the balance of internet culture. Wojak represents a somber, introspective, and nuanced human emotions, aligning with the Yin aspects of shadow, depth, and femininity. It symbolizes the inner world, empathy, and the quieter,…

  • A Machiavellian Interpretation of Political Dynamics

    A Machiavellian Interpretation of Political Dynamics




    147 Pages of Saylor Alpha which I have not even read in completion.

  • Paypal Mafia

    Paypal Mafia

    The real guys pulling the strings. The left right paradigm doesn’t matter when the bankers control it all. Can you believe they took this photograph. I am going to have to buy this Fortune issue just to have a hard copy. The “paypal mafia” photographed at Tosca in San Francisco, Oct, 2007. Back row from…

  • If You’re Reading This Then You’re On A List, Friend.

    If You’re Reading This Then You’re On A List, Friend.




    Another day another list. Are you keeping track, friend? How can you keep track. You are the SKU. You’re on many lists. They track you. They log you. They watch your clicks. They watch your keystrokes. Your thoughts are being estimated before you think them. There are complex models running the numbers on what you…

  • Heartache


    Thinking through the gaslighting and carnage of the past four years is enough to make even the most devout a bit sad. 2023 was the most difficult for my family. The economy was absolutely brutal, and it’s not like things suddenly got better in 2024; it’s just not 2023 anymore, and that’s enough. The immigration…

  • Classic Cramer

    Classic Cramer

    The man is a comedian.

  • 21 Million

    21 Million

    Shane and 21 Savage discuss bitcoin.

  • One Last Breath

    One Last Breath

    The internet always comes through when you need it most. Creed America is a mood and a vibe and this house remix of One Last Breath X Kingdom of Heaven is a banger. Enjoy.

  • Heuristics


    Meme warfare is all about propagation and in this pursuit, we use heuristics in determining if a meme propagates or dies. Heuristics are mental shortcuts or “rules of thumb” that simplify decision-making. They enable you to make quick judgments without having to analyze every detail of a situation. While heuristics can be incredibly useful for…

  • Wargame: Heuristics in Psychological Operations

    Wargame: Heuristics in Psychological Operations

    Developing a psychological operations (psyop) campaign to discredit Bitcoin as a national currency using the outlined heuristics involves crafting a multifaceted strategy that leverages cognitive biases to influence public perception and decision-making. Here’s a model based on the heuristics provided in the article: 1. Campaign Objectives 2. Target Audience 3. Heuristic-based Strategies Availability Heuristic Representativeness…

  • Dignification


    There are no rules in trench warfare and meme warfare. Yet, in the quest for victory within the sprawling culture war, we are witnessing something remarkable in the most unlikely of places: 4chan. This breeding ground for memes is once again melting hearts and minds, but this time it doesn’t involve green frogs or cryptic…

  • The Operators

    The Operators

    Through our exploration of meme warfare we will use a set of personas to reference to better understand how meme warfare tactics might be used for and against us. Personas are used to identify PSYOP operators as well as targets or recipients of the meme warfare tactics. PSYOP Operators plan and carry out psyops, and…

  • Such A Strange Girl

    Such A Strange Girl

    Every man wants a beautiful mid to call his own.

  • The Only Way Is Through

    The Only Way Is Through

    When MSM and politicians are all singing the same tune, you should at least consider that it’s an op. What we’re seeing this week at the Texas border looks and feels like an op. A unintended consequence of this border crisis op is that after this week, people will understand that it’s the Texas border…

  • Barbed Wire Psyops

    Barbed Wire Psyops

    I can’t help but feel apathy. My entire life has been under a government that lies to gain more control, yet days like today spark some hope. But it’s all psychological torture. The state pushes its limits – let’s say, takes 10 steps forward. Then, when people push back, claiming it’s too much, the state…

  • The Great Adjustment

    The Great Adjustment

    Just a week past the Davos circus, where the so-called world’s elite congregate to sketch out their latest schemes, we’re staring down the barrel of another year of their communist firing squad. This year, the buzzwords flying around were censorship, misinformation (especially important given the U.S. election year), and tokenization. Forget their past communistic mantras…

  • Under the Rock

    Under the Rock

    Fink could be the most powerful known figure in the world as CEO and founder fo BlackRock. As of the end of 2023, Blackrock had more than $9T in assets under management. Anyway, they are trying to own the world so you can own nothing and be happy. Besides that they entered the Bitcoin ETF…

  • Soulbound


    An unseen battle of cosmic proportions, the very essence of our being is at stake. The forces of darkness, led by the ruling elite, are seducing us with earthly riches, alluring us into relinquishing something far more precious than materialism—our soul. These dark agents work to oppress and enslave, hoping to weaken our spirits and…

  • Mining In This Epoch

    Mining In This Epoch

    It has been an insane epoch for Bitcoin mining. We saw a revolution in ASIC efficiency, new entrants in hardware, the Great Hashrate migration and Chinese Exodus, liquid/immersion technology became a thing, firmware maturity, mining farm management software, new pools, nation-states hashing, Pubco’s rage, and so much more. The Hashprice and Hashrate chart is one…

  • The Horses In The Stables

    The Horses In The Stables

    After 3 years at Bitcoin Magazine I still struggle in articulating how dollars are created and “Why is it so difficult to understand?”. It is designed complex precisely so you won’t be able to understand it. It is a boring topic, something you couldn’t possible be interested in, and so complex that only economists can…

  • The Long Boys

    The Long Boys

    No one is longer than miners. The Great Mining Ban in China, the Exodus of Hashrate to North America, Next Generation ASICs, Liquid + Immersion Tech, Pub Co.’s leveraged expansion… this is remarkable. As a small scale miner, you don’t have a lot of things in your control. Really the only thing you can secure…

  • The Agony

    The Agony

    Have you considered the fact that you will not receive a warriors death? The warrior is dead. The warrior class is no longer an option in the game of life. The state has attempted to remove all that is worth fighting for by replacing God with the state. The subtle switch from hard money to…

  • The Pendulum

    The Pendulum

    pendulum. [noun] /’pɛndʒələm/ an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity History is a funny thing that tends to rhyme. Over time, the torch of power is passed from one cartel to the next, each with a new set of values championed by the new guard.…

  • Bitcoin Sabotage Wargame

    Bitcoin Sabotage Wargame

    This is a WIP – STFU Game Overview “Sabotage Bitcoin” is a board game where players are divided into two teams – Defenders and Saboteurs. They compete to build and secure or disrupt a digital network represented by a modular board. The game combines resource management, strategy, and team play. Game Components Setup Game Play…

  • Karens


    Is there group of people more hated than Karens? Are they single handedly responsible for the death of the American dream? Is there a path forward that doesn’t involves Karens? Can we psyop Karens back into their role? Can the longhouse be put in place? How can we reframe the longhouse? Is it so over…

  • Slices


    Every once in a while a retarded tradfi economist comes along and pitches a absolute softball to plebs. Today it was Samantha LaDuc. “Interesting – serious question then: If one Bitcoin is sold in units of “Sats,” and there are over 2 quadrillion of those, HOW can they claim scarcity, lack of dilution, hedge against…

  • The Sabotage of Bitcoin

    The Sabotage of Bitcoin

    This article was cross posted on Bitcoin Magazine. “Government agents are not active in Bitcoin developer and influencer circles.” – Government Agents, probably. As the war for global monetary supremacy wages on, you have to assume that the state is actively operating information warfare. This means that the state is operating and acting in order…

  • To Dust You Shall Return

    To Dust You Shall Return

    Consider a doomsday scenario. You spend the past couple years diligently dollar cost averaging and withdrawing to your wallet. You have a ton of small UTXO’s and bitcoin transaction fees rise so much that your bitcoin turns into dust. You’re now unable to spend your bitcoin. For some bitcoin users, this is not a doomsday…

  • Trebuchets





    I wept today. I stood in the gym staring face to face with myself in the mirror and wept. I saw flashes of my family tree. I felt the pain and sadness of death, of lost loved ones, of great distances traveled, of horrors, and I saw love and tenderness and all the joys of…

  • Running Bitcoin

    Running Bitcoin

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since Hal posted his legendary tweet “Running bitcoin“. As you probably know, Hal was the first person to run Bitcoin after Satoshi. His simple action of running the Bitcoin code started the revolution. We salute you, Hal. RIP, king. Lastly, it is fitting that on this anniversary…

  • The Gaslighting

    The Gaslighting

    This is section from Meme Warfare Field Manual “The gaslighting will continue until morale improves.” – Someone at the CIA probably I never heard the word gaslighting until the year 2017, the year I stepped foot into a therapist’s office to deal with decades of psychological warfare with my own kin. When I learned what…

  • Pricing Out Inscriptions

    Pricing Out Inscriptions

    The battle for the future of Bitcoin is raging in real time on twitter as we are on the cusp of global economic contraction, thanks to 50+ years of the USD fiat regime, and are eagerly waiting for the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC. Yet, in the trenches on Twitter, the…

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg

    Can you think of someone more hated in America than Mark Zuckerberg? That’s rhetorical, of course you can, but he is one of the bad guys. We have confirmed pedos running the country but Zuckerberg is bad news. He single-handedly created the ultimate boomer psyop machine in Facebook, sold his soul to the deep state,…

  • Brian’s Big Bags

    Brian’s Big Bags

    What is the dollar amount where the Banking Cartel starts asking tough questions like “Who’s holding the bag?” and ” Who’s holding our coins?” As we are near the approval of the ETF, I can’t help but wonder to myself “Who’s carrying the bags?”. And while everyone on Twitter seems to be ETF experts and…

  • Then They Fight You

    Then They Fight You

    All great revolutions encounter resistance as social change moves its way through the people. This can happen gradually then suddenly, but resistance will be there. People do not easily change their world views. We (Americans) are about to experience the next chapter in the great monetary war, by way of a Bitcoin ETF approval. This…

  • 70602


    Freedom technology is freedom technology. It is free and open source. It is freely distributed. It is free for all to access, use, and remix. Freedom is inevitable. Unfortunately, our world is ruled by evil men who want to enslave us and prevent us from our God given sovereignty. Thankfully there are rebels out there,…

  • Can’t Stop The Signal

    Can’t Stop The Signal

    What’s the most patriotic thing you can do as an American? Yes, you guessed it, print a gun! Before the pandemic began I stumbled upon the corner of twitter where guys were printing guns and trolling feds with shit posts. It was a glorious time. Since then I have presented on the topic of 3d…

  • Death to the Central Bank

    Death to the Central Bank

    “The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me, but I will kill it.” – Andrew Jackson Old Hickory neutered the central bank. President Andrew Jackson, a staunch critic of central banking, believed these institutions held too much power and were constitutionally unsound. He had many W’s during his tenure but this is perhaps…

  • On imposter syndrome

    On imposter syndrome

    In consolidating writings from old blogs and came across this post from July 15, 2020. When I look back on the[my] world back then, much has changed but the pain body remains. It’s weird how the devil will sabotage you, misery loves company after all. This post was written because I was getting ready for…

  • Visions of a magazine

    Visions of a magazine

    In my recap and resolutions for this year I included a desire to build a magazine. As I mentioned, I did not launch in 2023, but I did identify what I would focus on if I was to ship a magazine. This post will serve as a place to keep thoughts and updates on this…

  • Trigrams


    Essential tool in the great meme war. Made popular by Bitstein in “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”. Learn them and use them. They are effective communication tools and are useful in meme propagation. Trigram. A group of three consecutive units. These units can be letters, numbers, or other elements, depending on the context. Trigrams Orange…

  • Unpacking “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”

    Unpacking “The Art of Bitcoin Rhetoric”




    Unpacking the legendary presentation from Michael “Bitstein” Goldstein, “The Art Of Bitcoin Rhetoric, How To Meme Bitcoin To The Moon”. The day this dropped, Brian Bishop transcribed the content, people lost their fucking minds. The maxis were marching in the streets with tiki torches and the shitcoiners were in disbelief. There are some great lessons…

  • Make Guns Not War

    Make Guns Not War

    A great meme is one that prompts the receiver to share it. Memes tug on emotions in order to replicate between hosts. One of the classic memes from the anti-war movement of the 60’s is “Make love, not war“. The meme was born out of opposition to the war in Vietnam. It is a great meme because…

  • Notes from Meme Warfare

    Notes from Meme Warfare

    How to Overthrow the Powers that be On a Low Budget Great read on meme warfare. Foundational. This articles describes memes, memeplex, how memes spread, how the memeplex gets and holds power, memeplex vulnerability, and how to subvert current memeplex. Let me first level set what you’ll get out of this. You WILL walk away…

  • Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    Notes on The Viral Aspects of Language

    A Quantitative Research of Memetic Selection Criteria This is a 92 page senior thesis. It covers the basics of memes but digs into how memes spread and specific research into virus hoaxes. This paper is broken into 4 chapters: Introduction to Memetics Memes according to Richard Dawkins: Meme – unit of cultural transmission. Memes “propagate themselves in…

  • Notes on Memetics – A Growth Industry in US Military Operations

    Notes on Memetics – A Growth Industry in US Military Operations

    Bullet points from this Marine Corps paper on memetics. This is from 2005, seems like some of these ideas have been incorporated into the latest FM. Thesis: Tomorrow’s US military must approach warfighting with an alternate mindset that is prepared to leverage all elements of national power to influence the ideological spheres of future enemies…

  • This is why we are paranoid