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Big Orb




Mountain Trail and Bigfoot Dream

The scenery is up on a mountain on a trail.

You can see tall pine trees.

I’m in a Jeep Wrangler, some sort of SUV with an open top, and I’m with my friend Patrick.

We see overhead a big light flash across the sky like a comet, but it’s almost like a long white bar.

It’s not flowing like a meteor. It’s actually a bar shape going across the sky in the distance in front of us in the woods.

We see a white glow. We get out and start towards this white glow in the woods.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, appears a glowing white orb, and it starts coming towards us.

I’m in the driver’s seat and I start reversing down the trail.

I’m terrified; in fact, I close my eyes and Patrick takes the wheel.

He navigates us backwards down the hill. The white orb is still chasing us down the hill.

Eventually, we hit the bottom and suddenly the Jeep we’re in is levitated into the air.

It isn’t like we hit a ramp and took off the air; it’s as if the Jeep itself is floating in the air.

Eventually, we make a curve in the air and have a soft landing.

The next thing you know, I find myself in a house which is right near these very woods.

As I look out the big glass sliding doors toward the woods near the end of the yard, I see a Bigfoot walk by.

I’m terrified again and I can’t believe it.

I begin screaming for Clancy to come and see what I see out the window.

I turn around and the Bigfoot is gone. Still, Clancy hasn’t come.

The glass door appears again. I’m panicked again, screaming for Clancy to come see this thing.

The Bigfoot comes closer and closer towards me.

I’m standing and he’s on the other side of the glass, staring at me.

His face is not like I imagined it would be—not covered in fur, dark tan skin, very long face.

His head is almost triangular-shaped at the top.

It’s almost as if he was looking for food or something. He was like a scavenger—that’s the energy that I got from him.

Then I woke up.