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Apple Juice

Truck Journey Dream

In a truck with Dad, Uncle Jerry, and some other old man.

We’re traveling somewhere we shouldn’t be, almost like restricted property, kind of a warzone feeling.

We cut across roads and up into the woods. The front of the trail is under development and will soon be some new usable property.

We get out of the truck and proceed on foot.

The ground is very, very soft sand-colored mud. It seems like a woodlands-type swamp area. We go through a drainage pipe.

We keep walking through the woods.

We approach a very old abandoned house, a white home.

We enter the house, and there is water up to our shins, but it isn’t water—it’s apple juice.

There are four rooms total.

We make our way through the first room, which is empty, into the second room.

Children are playing to the left, with dolls and a rocking horse. We continue to the next room, more children playing in what seems like a school-type setting, then the third room.

We enter a kitchen, and this room has a step up which gets us out of walking in water/juice.

There are adults. There’s a matriarch, an older Latina.

She is a caretaker of the children and the property.

There are other adults there too; they work with/for her.

The woman is a healer of some kind, reminding me of the Oracle in The Matrix.

It felt like a cult.

A man approaches me and tries to heal me like a chiropractor, adjusting my neck. I pray out loud for protection. I do not want this, but he continues and does the adjustment, and I am okay.

The matriarch walks us around the property and tells us we should stay the evening or longer with them.

She says there are 14 cabins.

I agree to stay.

The next day, I wake up in panic. I must get to a flight to get home. The place I’m at is near Nashville. There’s no way I can make the flight. I have no car and no funds. I am panicking. Why would I agree to stay in this place when I must get home?

I go to the mirror and notice a wound on my chin. I begin inspecting and end up pulling a large parasite out of my face. It is black and white, about 6-8 inches long and the diameter of a thumb. It is challenging to pull this out; very slippery and it tries to stay under the skin. I find a proper towel to better grab it, and it comes out.

It leaves a crater-sized wound on my chin. I pour peroxide on the wound.


apple juice