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Amy Buckner

Lake Cabin Dream

At a cabin on a lake.

Taking photos of water level.

On multiple occasions, the water is higher.

David Hall is there with me in a truck, noticing.

At the cabin, we play some game.

It is circles like hollow cylinders.

You take turns rolling dice and somehow place cylinders on the board.

Stacking cylinders. There are sticks sticking out of the cylinders.

I am panicking the next morning about sleeping in and missing canoeing with Larry (been on my mind going next month).

In a ballroom with really big staircases. No one is there. Wearing a suit and Clancy’s in a ballgown. Sexual on stairs. Then race up the stairs to enter some sort of event.

People are playing the cylinder board game at the event.

The event is big open spaces like a conference or ball.

Cut scene, I am in an office.

Talking to a receptionist and some sort of announcement that all the video editors or developers are getting laid off.

I walk back and get on an elevator, there are two other guys on the elevator.

I think there were only two buttons on the elevator.

First floor, one guy gets off.

Next floor, the other guy gets off, then I step off and I am dropping like the scene from Interstellar.

I am floating, dropping, then I just stop. Clancy pulls me to the edge and I pull myself up.

She is running away from me.

I start chasing after her.

She rushes out a door into another hallway.

I catch her and grab her by the shoulder.

It’s not Clancy.

I say, “Who are you?” She says, “Amy Buckner.”

I don’t know an Amy Buckner.


Amy Buckner