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All Your Data Are Belong To Us




In the digital age, privacy is what’s at stake, and it’s at risk with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s be real—your data isn’t private. It’s being watched, collected, and sold to the highest bidder. And guess what? AI is only going to speed up this privacy downfall.

AI feeds on data. Every click, every search, and every online interaction is logged and used to train algorithms that predict what you want before you even know it yourself. Companies track all your online activities, from what you buy to where you go, and who you talk to. This data isn’t just used for better ads; it’s sold to third-party brokers who compile detailed profiles and sell them to anyone willing to pay1.

AI makes this even scarier. Advanced AI systems can analyze data from multiple sources quickly and accurately, creating a comprehensive profile of you without your knowledge. Think about facial recognition tech—it can identify you in public spaces by piecing together images from social media, surveillance cameras, and more2.

Despite some regulations like GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California, enforcement is weak, and companies find ways around these rules. Even recent efforts by President Biden to limit data transfers to countries of concern address only part of the problem3.

The stakes are high. Pervasive data collection leads to intrusive surveillance leads to identity theft leads to manipulation. AI can influence political opinions, discriminate in hiring, law enforcement, and more. The potential for abuse is massive, as AI systems can amplify existing biases and lead to unjust outcomes4.

The AI and privacy intersection is a big deal. As AI evolves, it will rely more on personal data. Without strong privacy protections and ethical guidelines, your data will be vulnerable to exploitation. We need to push for better regulations and develop AI systems that respect privacy and transparency. I would argue that regulations are fake and gay and the only real solution is fully transparent FOSS systems.

Being able to opt in and opt out and take your data with you is a feature we desperately need. My hope is that Bitcoin fixes this. Bitcoiners are working on this via NOSTR and I am hopeful, but for now just know that the state hates you and knows every keystroke. If they really want to know what you are saying, they will know. That is just the reality. The solution is to not be a dumbass. Use and rotate keys. And practice good opsec. Just limit your surface area where you can.

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